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know of any, Blue Wheels?

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  • know of any, Blue Wheels?

    im looking for a set of blue wheels, straight blue or blue with a polished lip.

    yeah i could have em powder coated or painted but im just looking to see whats out there.

    so post up... thanks.


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    I think that Super Advan might make blue wheels. Go do a google search if you're that desperate though.


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      yeah , advan does make blue wheels ... I Know the super generation 2's they have them in blue just like on the DRFT chop top s15 ........ heres a pic


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        just get some wheels you like and paint them. on second thought please dont, because blue wheels on a black miata will look really bad. to sport blue wheels your car has to be super boro or covered with sponsors.


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          Or he could put blue wheels on his car because he likes them....


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            yeah actually blue on a black car wouldnt look bad..

            but this is for my second miata its actually white... i thought Advan made a set of blues ill have tah check-em out anybody know of a good seller...

            like i wrote before i know i can get them painted yah gotta read before yah post.

            but i am kinda looking for that Anodized look like the Advans or, if anybody seen them, the blue rims that came on the white 30th aniversary Trans Am..



            well on second though a darker blue would look better, but those are hot too. but the advans come with a nice lip and can be ordered with different offsets, i assume. but price?

            These are bad too! but way to aggresive and expensive...

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              thoes works were sold a long time ago. i know you said u dont want to paint. but why not, that way you can get a wheel design you like and not have to pay out the nose for it. imo colored wheels like that look bad unless your car is extremly agressive, as i said above. but i cant tell you what to do.


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                Im sure you wouldnt want them but blue camaros from the early 90's have blue wheels. lol but im not sure if they came like that or if it was an option you could get when u ordered them


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                  i will probably end up getting a set and painting them, in my experience with paint i can probably get a really close to anodized look. i was just wondering about other options... i know podwer coating does wonders also.. thanks to those who posted some pics.

                  those camaros had blue rims??



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                    how much does getting a set of rims powder coated cost? cause in like a week or two im gonna end up with a pair of ADR DTM's (16x7) but they are white, and white rims doesnt look good on a silver car (my opinion) and so im thinking i may powdercoat them to does anyone have any idea what it would cost?


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                      yea, my neighbors friend had a blue one and it had blue wheels, and if you watch the movie waynes world(the first one) when they are outside playing hockey.that stalker chick rides by on her bike and hits a blue camaro,and they show the car from the side kinda so you can see it had blue wheels


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                        you could always go cheep and get alot of caliper paint. but it would look like monkey pooh.


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                          blue wheels brings back memories of my old car...

                          i had blue chrome ones on it...wasnt a drift car or that...but
                          its an idea have em chromed blue...i bought them like this from the factory though...and they're across the pond so i dont know if ya could get em...but like i said its an option...
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                            We can forgive you because you're Irish and most of the tuning over there sucks.


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                              forgive me for what like!...?...

                              im not looking to be forgiven for anything!...

                              and dude you ever been to Ireland/seen many cars?'d be suprised at the standard of tuning over here!...
                              obviously aint to the show standard of cars over in the U.S.A...
                              but a lot of irish cars are featured by the English mags and in English shows as well as Irish ones!...

                              ive gone through a bmw e30 325 sport/a miata/and an alfa romeo since i sold the car in that pic...and the one in the pic used to bring the most smiles to my face...
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