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S15 2JZ Build (Spain) Osgiken

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    Wow, very nice build!!!
    Boost Up


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      some updates
      steering column brakets

      sorting out what will be the rigid fuel lines

      water tank positioning

      breather tank on its way


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        more updates from this weekend. Thank you to the hot lap crew!

        the new LCD

        fresh air

        rear quarters testing & install

        and the amazing custom manifold by KKD motorsport -findland-


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          new engine mounts.

          so we dont have to fabricate engine mounts into the future tubular front subframe (wil be done once car has tstarted competing)
          aslo this adds rigidity to the chasis


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            well, a long time without updating, here a few pics from this weekend

            testing the lock, looks good

            laminova placing wich wil cool engine oil and steering oil

            Engine breather finished, need welding fitting to cam covers, but want the turbo here first to see if they interfeer.


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              well, the next week will restart the building again in the new headquaters.

              We are very happy, new workshop and new full sponsorship by varrstoen europe

              this has been delivered this week

              model varrstoen track 200 amazing wheels, the silvia will look bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* with this ones


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                I don't understand why people build non Formula D legal cars like this anymore. It seems like more and more, drivers are aiming to eventually compete in FD, and building custom tubular subframes / thru-the-firewall cages isn't going to help you make a case for your car to be FD Legal.

                Also, it looks like this car will never be able to have a passenger in it due to the roll cage bar which goes directly thru the passenger footwell. That looks really unsafe...


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                  ^He's not in America.


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                    exactly, we are following FIA Rules.


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                      finally at her new home!


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                        the new turbo finally itīs here

                        and our new wokshop itīs finished



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                          8 Pages Report at GTI Mag 129 -Spanish Car Magazine- December 2011



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                            more progress:

                            seat harness bolts welded, seat rails, boot finished, interior stiching finished, front end finished, gusseting finished.

                            jsut need to turn it over again, finish stiching, weld up some holes, and finish side exit for exhaust.

                            and then its paiting time (i dont envy the painters, what a horrible job paiting something like this)

                            cas is so low now, we opted to have 2 side exit exhausts, going through the chasis. (dont worry about the stock frame chopping up, it will have a beafy reinforcement over it :P


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                              which Borg Warner EFR turbo are you using?


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                                7670 with t4 .9 ar.

                                gt30 spool, gt35 flow :P