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DEALERCAST LEXUS SC430 - TRD Supercharged Tundra 5.7 3URFE Powered 6 Speed Build

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    Ok guys, PITA - I had this thing running in the other SC430 chassis and all we did is switch over the harness and now it's being a pain. Everything comes on but no signal to to the starter. I was hoping to have a running video out there tonight but no luck. I have to just take a break and get back to it later. I fell like it is the theft key. The transponder amplifier case got cracked when moving over. Not to happy tonight.


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      Ok so here are some photos from tonight. The first two are from inside the Lexus. All the wiring and electronics is from the Toyota Tundra. I have it online but not cranking yet.

      These two show the Tundra wiring installed in the engine bay. Should be running soon. I just need a break for a little bit. Too much thinking about wiring tonight. With the three photos below you can really see just how far back we were able to mount the engine. Take a look at fare it is set back from the front of the frame rails! The blue tape by the wipers show where I had to cut it so that none of the body is touching the supercharger.

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        Hey guys and gals I have a question / poll for you all.

        What should I do?

        A. Continue trying to figure out factory ECU / Setup & Wiring?


        B. Pull it out and slap the AEM on it asap and get this "B" running?

        Either way this thing needs to run like this weekend. I want to get the wheels on it and get the video on Youtube like now!

        Please let me know what you all think. You guys are going to decide what's up, so make the call!


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          is there any reason to use the factory ECU over AEM?


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            Well I was going to use the AEM for the other SC430 I am building. I wanted to try to get one working without having to tune. But we will see.


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              Hey guys, so my brother-in-law Travis and I worked on getting the front suspension on tonight. Baby is sleeping so I can't crank it now. However, tomorrow I will have a video for you all. I'm so excited. Also figured out how to change how/where the watermark is placed.


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                Steering shaft

                Ok here are a few more pics. First one is of the factory steering shaft installed and hooked up. It clears the factory Turndra exhaust manifold. However, I had to cut the triangular exhaust flange on the ends of the manifold. They are just so huge and were hitting the firewall.


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                  Tundra 3URFE 5.7 TRD Supercharged SC430 RUNNING!!!

                  Finally got it fired up. Factory Tundra setup. I need the following items.

                  <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="360" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
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                    The beauty of OEM Management is OBDII. I know I was going to be registering numerous faults once running. I didn't have any O2 sensors hooked up. However, this morning I pulled the codes and found 8 faults. My game plan is to resolve all faults and then get the car on the road. Once I am satisfied with fault related issues being resolved them I am going to start tricky process (and maybe not possible) of unplugging the automatic transmission harness connectors. One by one I am going to bypass them.

                    Here are my faults today.

                    P0118 - Engine Coolant temp sensor - Open in ECT sensor circuit
                    P0418 - Secondary Air Injection System Control A Circuit - Not hooked up yet (easy)
                    P0419 - Secondary Air Injection System Control B Circuit - Not hooked up yet (easy)
                    P0453 - Evaporative Emissions Control System pressure sensor switch - Not hooked up yet
                    P0553 - Power steering pressure sensor - Need to hook up a sensor
                    P2433 - Air Injection System See P0418
                    P2438 - Air Injection System See P0418
                    P2716 - Shift Point too Hi or too Low - Pressure control solenoid "D" SLT (interesting) Shouldn't be a problem.

                    I guess the 02 Faults won't occur until I run it for a few minutes. Perhaps more faults will show up then too. However, they shouldn't be a problem.

                    BTW, if anyone has some extra O2 sensors laying around I could really use them. Thanks. Joe
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                      Tundra 5.7 TRD SC and 2JZGTE Powered SC430's!!! Coming UP!

                      Hello Everyone,

                      Ok so here is an updated pic from tonight. SC430's #1, #2 & #3 are in this shop pic. The #1 Lexus sponsored 430 is headed off to storage this weekend. I need more room. The #3 car is on the ground and I will begin building the DEALERCAST race team complete body kit. From the ground up I am going to remake the car. At the same time I will be completing the mechanical aspects of the running 5.7 #2 car. I just worked out a deal with a sponsor and scored a 1999 2JZGTE VVTI Twin Turbo motor for the #3 car. I know I initially stated that both would be Tundra 5.7's but things change and I must control cost. When I have a chance to power a race car with a proven motor at pennies on the dollar I have to go with it. Doing this program on a shoestring budget is the only way it was going to happen. Many times bartering is what makes it all work. Hope you all understand. Which brings me to another point. Am I going to hurt anyones feelings if I jump right to the AEM computer and harness I already have and install it on the running 5.7 #2 car? I am really in a hurry to get the Tundra car on the dyno and track and published. I also need to get things rolling with the #3 car asap. All-in-all both the #2 & 3 cars will be one-offs that no one has ever done before and that is one of my initial goals starting out. Please give me some feedback asap. I would like to get the AEM installed this weekend and have it too running shortly. This way I can bolt up the adapter plate I already have for the 6 Speed Z33 transmission to the 3URFE and install the Exedy Carbon Kevlar twin disc clutch I already have and get drifting. I will absolutely sell the entire factory wiring setup for the Tundra with the transmission if anyone wishes to further my progress on the automatic setup.

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                        2 SC430's Coming!!!! One Tundra 5.7 TRD Supercharged and one 2JZGTE VVTI.

                        Just got the 2JZGTE VVTI for the other SC430.


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                          didn't u say in 1 of the videos that the plan was to have 2 'twin' cars, one on the east coast and one on the west coast?

                          why would you put a 2jz in 1 car and a v8 in the other? those don't sound like 'twin' cars


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                            2j was free. Plus it had never been done before. Both my goals in the video. They can still be on opposite coasts.


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                              loving it..!


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                                Oil Pan Modification

                                Well I pulled everything out and will be changing to AEM later this week. However, I had a little set back with the oil pan so it had to come off. I just needed to make a revision. Also got he 2JZGTE tore down for inspection.