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    Okay, first of all, I'm running an 86 RX-7. It's currently sitting on stock suspension, and I'm looking for advice pertaining to coilovers. It seems as though everyone on the Mazda forums either flames or doesn't have the knowledge.

    First off, I've been interested in K Sport Coilovers because my boyfriend runs them on his s13 and they seem to be just fine. Plus they have 30+ levels of adjustment, and I've seen the ease of him lowering his car time and time again. They seem practical.

    Then, I get told to spend money on "real suspension" instead. So I'm curious, what is the general population's thoughts about K Sports?

    I've heard that Tokico and KYB make quality products, but I just have no idea. I'd like a stiff enough ride to drift without body roll, and be able to lower my car.


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    K sports are fine... don't get all hyped about the 30 levels of "adjustability" and the end of the day its basicly 6 different levels that are noticeable.