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How do I start Drifting?

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    Originally posted by GRiDRaceTech
    Scirocco- Your post is really hard to read. You might want to invest more time in more concise posts. Adaptation is one of the key parts of being a driver, and if you start with a crappy suspension and then go to a good suspension, you'll find that many aspects of drifting get easier. Why you mentioned brake bias is beyond me... a beginner would not need to mess with it.

    Canon-You don't just change your springs.
    The shocks must be upgraded along with the springs.

    I'm all for learning to drift on stock suspension... and I would've done it had my car come stock.
    actually i was just talking about the way i did it since i knew i would change the suspension anyways so i thought i would do it soon before i started drifting and it worked quite well for me