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Brewed Motors SR20det powered BMW Bangkok Thailand build

I figure this is the perfect forum for sharing my current project out here in Thailand
Check out the Blog for details and a little write up. Brewed Motorsports: BMW E30 SR20DET swap Brewed Thailand Circuit toy

I will try and keep it to mostly pictures and video here on the forum. Of course please feel free to ask any questions, always happy to help out if possible.

Super short build list and BIG thanks to Alex at Brewed Motorsports for getting all my parts safely shipped in one package to Thailand!

2dr E30
s14 SR20det
AEM EMS V2 30-6620 with Flex Fuel tuning
ID1000cc injectors
O44 bosch fuel pump
E85 ~25-30psi on the S15 turbo
BC sports front coilovers 8k
E36 rack
E46 front control arms
Sparco seat
E34 complete subframe swap
Rear coilover conversion (Toms coils with 6k spring)

Coming from the states where i have every tool imaginable at my finger tips this little project is tacking me back to my roots!

Couple shots of some goodies that have now worked their way into the car.

Pulled out the engine harness to clean everything up, eliminate a few things as well as add a few things (MAP, AIT, boost control solenoid, anti lag system parts)

Couldn't find an electric shop ANYWHERE in my area (near Bangkok) that had what i needed... or even understood what i needed haha, SO I cannibalized the old gauge cluster i wont be using.
Didn't find the 100 ohm resister that i needed but i did score a 70 ohm and a 30 ohm bing bang boom soldered inline =100 ohm resister!
**resistor needed to make the alternator charge, wired inline to the small red/white wire in the 2 pin connector on the alt. this wire is normally for the warning light in the dash **

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