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Sadly In this area of Japan is the worst in relation to snowfall but that yields lots of fun in the mountains snowboarding.

This is the view outside of my window.

All of that Snow is eventually blown this way... 2way in the snow is not very fun on purpose lol.

When the track is frozen over, we venture to the mountains... drifting standing up is what I call it. The picture below is me standing on the Peak of the mountain in the previous pictures. elevation of something like 5000 feet or so.

I also embark on arm baring people in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... for those that didn't know.. what is now BJJ started in Japan Ironically in the same place I live right now.

Submitting a Blue belt on my first day as a white belt lol.... not that it really matter in the grand scheme of things

Racing doesn't stop at our track though, its year aroudn. I competed in a Snow Time Attack. I came out with the fastest time for any FR vehicle there. I personally thought I did bad and left before the weather got worst.... :/

The gentleman in this picture was at the time 17 and highly followed by Team Orange. He is now 18 years old and part of Team Orange. Just finished his first season of D1SL. Very cool little dude and sick driver He will be D1GP in no time.

Photos by: Allan Arcega

With the winter comes time to stock up and install parts. Im about to upgrade my turbo setup to an Holset H1C. Also got new D2 RS coilovers to replace my blown Kei Office coilovers that were ruined in that snow time attack.

Running Power FC with FC Datalogit.

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