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Drift Matsuri 2009 Ebisu Circuit

This has to be one of the most baddest *Censored**Censored**Censored* drift events on the planet. Its held three times a year. 36 hours of straight drifting. Many cars don't make it past 3 hours because the drivers go nuts instantly with their Missiles. I had a great time and drove along side D1 Champion Daigo Saito at some points of the day. Awesome time.

Me sliding my buddies 180 throughout the day. Was my first time drifting a car that was not mine. He gave me permission to kill it and kill it I did.

multiple wall taps

Luckily we had the parts to fix it and continue into the night.

Prepping for MSC, D1SL and Spring Drift Matsuri 2010

drifting around town picking up parts from UpGarage a buddy spotted me in traffic. Which is Horrible in Japan.

Parts pile for Matsuri

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