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March 20, 2010

Sup guys,

The weekend is here and I'm utilizing all the time I have off from work. This will be a common thing for anyone that is following this thread... during the week nothing is really done with the car due to my work schedule etc.

Earlier this week I picked up a new house... its pretty cool. 3 bed room 1 car garage setup. I'm single and looking for Japanese roommates at the moment .

Before I started my day, I open a package that I got the other day... It was my t-shirt in memory of late D1 driver Atsushi Kuroi. I'm sure you all knew who he was. He was known as one of the first to drift with 600+hp cars. Displayed great skill along side of Masato Kawabata of Team Toyo.

Another day at the hobby shop. Things I completed today consisted of:

-Replacing a left rear knuckle
-Repacking bearing on my right front upright
-adding subframe collars
-assisting fellow skyline fellows

Before Shots of the damage due to the bent Knuckle


Soaking up some of the sloppyness in the rear.. Should have done this ages ago as I know from first hand experience, the addition of these in my s-13 was night and day.

Random fish eye pics

Pictures of the photographers R33 GT-R sharpie project. His girlfriend and him hand drew all of this. And are in the process of clearing it shortly.

Helped out a buddy with his Rb20 overhaul.....

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