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Originally Posted by jason@psi View Post

Robbie's motor last time on the dyno made @ 850 whp and 780 tq @ 30lbs without NOS. We use a small amount of NOS during the events to help with spool-up.

JTP's and JR's motors are from Roush Yates making close to the same power the main difference here is cost. The cost to build a 2j to make this kind of power can range but a fair estimate is roughly 15k - 20k the cost for JTP's motor is more like 80k.

Bottom line it takes more then just a motor to get the job done. This sport is great because it's a balance of power, traction, and driver. Whatever motor you plan on running the most important thing is longevity.

Just a quick fact check, without trying to get into anything.

JR and JTP's engines don't even make 850 at the crank, yet alone at the wheels. There were definitely cars in FD this year with much more horsepower.
Actual cost is right at around $50k, fully dressed with everything on the engine. That includes ITB set-up, dry sump pump, the works.

More expensive than the 2J per Jason's cost numbers for sure, and less horsepower. But I can't put a 2J in a Ford Mustang

The same engines were in both cars all season, all we did was check the valve clearances, change the oil, and put gas in the tank.

I agree with Jason's last comment 100%. Whats under the hood is only a part of the equation. If it wasn't, those two ASD Mustangs wouldn't have won four out of seven FD events this year.

People get too wrapped up in the horsepower numbers I think.

Congrats to Daigo and his team for winning the championship this year. It was a great battle down to the wire, and l expect it will be again next year too.
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