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Already working on it Jacob.

The 427 engine in the RTR-D customer spec 2013 Mustang drift car is a 600HP all aluminum Ford crate engine. We modify it for EFI, have our own CNC machined aluminum engine plate and a bunch of other parts designed and manufactured in house to make it more drift friendly. We're already putting those engines in customer cars. I think MSRP on those from Ford is around $13k.

But what makes more sense for most people I would think is the 363 cubic inch engine based on the Boss 302 block. Its a short deck height so a very small compact engine physically. All the same drift specific developed parts fit on it from the 427 package and we're currently building a 240 swap for that engine on our house "play" car. That engine is 500HP as a Ford crate engine and MSRP around $8k.
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