What do you think happened here? @raddandrift @nexentireusa


What do you think happened here? @raddandrift @nexentireusa


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105 Responses to “What do you think happened here? @raddandrift @nexentireusa”

  1. oscar.mather profile image oscar.mather says:

    He tried kissing the wall also known as a “drift tap” it hose by many other references like “just tap it in”

  2. vdubmartins profile image vdubmartins says:

    Really good wall taps

  3. redline240sx profile image redline240sx says:

    Nice wheels! @cosmisracingusa love the MRII, but the S5R looks better for 5 spoke guys like me….can get the S5R in a 17×9+10(same fitment as the MRII is offered in). I LOVE S5R and XT005R but one is too much offset(+5 will go way beyond where I want) and +22 is still too sunk, so +10 is perfect

  4. mennenooooo profile image mennenooooo says:

    Prolly crashed

  5. cz7_nismoz profile image cz7_nismoz says:


  6. 11genesis2.0t profile image 11genesis2.0t says:

    Hard Wall tap

  7. colinmissino profile image colinmissino says:


  8. _jammuuuz_ profile image _jammuuuz_ says:

    Wall tap

  9. txnasty profile image txnasty says:

    Did he plow into another wall or car?

  10. fady_alsanaty profile image fady_alsanaty says:

    Wall tap car guys stuff

  11. ericpaules profile image ericpaules says:

    A nice date with the wall.

  12. driftkingoforzacaleb profile image driftkingoforzacaleb says:

    Love tap

  13. papii.oronaa profile image papii.oronaa says:

    Wall tappin

  14. pako49 profile image pako49 says:


  15. _frank31 profile image _frank31 says:

    Danger to manifold

  16. _scottyg profile image _scottyg says:

    It was just a lil tap

  17. merican_riley_04 profile image merican_riley_04 says:

    Rip Supra

  18. maplesmokemacdaddy profile image maplesmokemacdaddy says:

    Wall tap or the chasing car hit ya

  19. mistersirlucasstoffelwaffle profile image mistersirlucasstoffelwaffle says:

    Really good angle

  20. b2droid profile image b2droid says:

    Nothing that paint won’t fix. Jokes

  21. lovelyidolinc profile image lovelyidolinc says:

    Someone actually drove like a fucking man for once, that’s what happened. You’re welcome dipshits.

  22. itsanoriothing profile image itsanoriothing says:


  23. __v1nn9_ru55ell profile image __v1nn9_ru55ell says:

    Someone was a loon and crashed

  24. driftmotion1 profile image driftmotion1 says:

    Not the 98’s!

  25. japanese.classics profile image japanese.classics says:

    Wall tap

  26. jonte_borgstrom profile image jonte_borgstrom says:

    Party in the back

  27. silvan_bouma profile image silvan_bouma says:

    Wall tap

  28. austinwatkins__ profile image austinwatkins__ says:

    Dan has a mullet and therefore likes to party. He was just trying to have his car match the “business in the front, party in the back” theme 🏼‍♂️

  29. my_king_hunt_ley profile image my_king_hunt_ley says:

    Just some love

  30. x_emartin_x profile image x_emartin_x says:

    Just a tap

  31. joshua_wright_photography profile image joshua_wright_photography says:


  32. imthekiss profile image imthekiss says:

    An epic wall ride

  33. callum_gamer_x profile image callum_gamer_x says:

    @x_emartin_x A biggy

  34. awgest_06 profile image awgest_06 says:


  35. a_train369 profile image a_train369 says:


  36. c_spalding8 profile image c_spalding8 says:

    You tried to drift at a track event

  37. owen_lee43 profile image owen_lee43 says:

    Blew the welds on his intake manifold

  38. jrod_z profile image jrod_z says:


  39. sirjoshykins profile image sirjoshykins says:

    The fire nation attacked

  40. dylan_guthrie05 profile image dylan_guthrie05 says:

    A drift tap

  41. ej__mike profile image ej__mike says:

    Drift tap

  42. bweltyk profile image bweltyk says:

    Mad skids

  43. swimltdan profile image swimltdan says:

    Love is what happened there. And dat girl likes it rough.

  44. thekrystalbrie profile image thekrystalbrie says:

    @adesh_87 😶

  45. brandon.scholes profile image brandon.scholes says:

    Just the usual drive around the block with 2 step

  46. et3rnalslay3r profile image et3rnalslay3r says:

    I think a serious fucking wall tap there, bud

  47. mr_._nikita profile image mr_._nikita says:

    just a tap bro

  48. drewphilly profile image drewphilly says:

    Rubbed a wall the RIGHT way

  49. crazydrifter1_yt profile image crazydrifter1_yt says:

    Wall tap

  50. marcoslayerr profile image marcoslayerr says:

    Wall Gave that supra a nice kiss in the ass

  51. ja_bari1 profile image ja_bari1 says:

    The best wall tap of his life

  52. sammahler profile image sammahler says:

    The wall gave that booty a big kiss

  53. michiganmulei profile image michiganmulei says:

    Getting some wall.

  54. m.mendez.jr profile image m.mendez.jr says:

    Thats a bomb ass love tap.

  55. _bawsaq_ profile image _bawsaq_ says:

    Just an intentional drift tap nothing more @isaac.ede.larsen @brodie2230

  56. will15_7 profile image will15_7 says:

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of drift taps

  57. gavinmoses_ profile image gavinmoses_ says:

    Simply just running the wall

  58. eoghan_oneill_127 profile image eoghan_oneill_127 says:

    Car + wall =

  59. sajoskill_official profile image sajoskill_official says:

    To wide

  60. petrolheadscentral profile image petrolheadscentral says:

    Drift tap gone a bit wrong.

  61. djangus_unchained profile image djangus_unchained says:


  62. subie_fuck_boi profile image subie_fuck_boi says:

    Tire delaminates then he swings into someone

  63. _melvin_david_ profile image _melvin_david_ says:

    Love tap

  64. aerodynamic22 profile image aerodynamic22 says:

    Don’t worry it’ll buff out

  65. sloanmanxgaming profile image sloanmanxgaming says:

    A Subaru got jealous of the supra.

  66. _31oh22a_3ht profile image _31oh22a_3ht says:

    Walls and such

  67. your_2had0w profile image your_2had0w says:

    Wall rubbin’

  68. shes_my_one_and_onlyy profile image shes_my_one_and_onlyy says:

    Wall smack

  69. muhammadrezadahri profile image muhammadrezadahri says:

    just a tap

  70. projectakuma profile image projectakuma says:


  71. a_alexander13 profile image a_alexander13 says:

    Cars 4

  72. haziqimmortal profile image haziqimmortal says:

    Spring tires

  73. vic_would_skate02 profile image vic_would_skate02 says:

    A mustang driver got jelous

  74. jeremiah_corey profile image jeremiah_corey says:

    Just gonna tap this wall annnnnd.. *slam* yep. Tapped it.

  75. __peter_porker__ profile image __peter_porker__ says:

    Many wall taps

  76. mazda_m8 profile image mazda_m8 says:

    Drift tap

  77. mf.novaldo profile image mf.novaldo says:

    Nothing,just a supra being used as how it should be

  78. victor_gamedvp profile image victor_gamedvp says:

    @vic_would_skate02 wow… so funny…

  79. philoso21 profile image philoso21 says:

    Sent it…

  80. matthewflair profile image matthewflair says:


  81. bee_daz profile image bee_daz says:

    just a morning kiss with a wall …

  82. itsyaboy25 profile image itsyaboy25 says:

    A bit of a wall tap

  83. chaneasmith profile image chaneasmith says:

    Lil love tap

  84. midnights._alive profile image midnights._alive says:


  85. kvng.ammar profile image kvng.ammar says:


  86. jv32109 profile image jv32109 says:

    Just lil lovins tap

  87. socalbrandon profile image socalbrandon says:

    net neutrality made it happen

  88. musicislife3322 profile image musicislife3322 says:

    Just a tiny wall tap

  89. linggglinggg profile image linggglinggg says:

    cute !!! 🇮🇩

  90. _moragu profile image _moragu says:

    Some ass hole scraped the life outa the car

  91. because._.racecar profile image because._.racecar says:

    Wall gap!

  92. because._.racecar profile image because._.racecar says:

    @because._.racecar *TAP

  93. penningtonsully profile image penningtonsully says:

    He’s just got to send it

  94. enthusiasts_only profile image enthusiasts_only says:

    Kissed the wall

  95. mjeepj01 profile image mjeepj01 says:

    wall tap….?!!??! most badass thing i seen all day

  96. smx_jj profile image smx_jj says:

    drifting and rubbed the wall

  97. frequxncy profile image frequxncy says:

    “Just a tap!”

  98. sowhy profile image sowhy says:

    Crowd pleasing

  99. gtr_for_lyfe profile image gtr_for_lyfe says:

    Tried to hit a crowd Oh wait… that’s a supra

  100. driftracer12345 profile image driftracer12345 says:

    poor supra

  101. itz_swift_ profile image itz_swift_ says:

    Drift tap

  102. wafflypegasus38 profile image wafflypegasus38 says:


  103. gearheadnitrios profile image gearheadnitrios says:

    The rice is to much

  104. ferrarimaster_ profile image ferrarimaster_ says:

    Drift tap. *correction* drift smash

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