What’s under the hood @hgkracingteam | Photo by @larry_chen_foto


What’s under the hood @hgkracingteam | Photo by @larry_chen_foto


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90 Responses to “What’s under the hood @hgkracingteam | Photo by @larry_chen_foto”

  1. rotaxhead profile image rotaxhead says:

    @ryanrburt put your grills to use

  2. greyduckcustoms profile image greyduckcustoms says:

    In my “best of 2017” car list for sure!!

  3. i_am_mesty profile image i_am_mesty says:


  4. diegobeta_420 profile image diegobeta_420 says:


  5. bleakleyg07 profile image bleakleyg07 says:

    @yoitsfonz @mistamayerik hes hiding a monster in there! …same.

  6. matt_coeler profile image matt_coeler says:


  7. jimmy_headtripz profile image jimmy_headtripz says:


  8. srifunka profile image srifunka says:


  9. jared.fryer.39 profile image jared.fryer.39 says:


  10. ryanrburt profile image ryanrburt says:

    @rotaxhead Hahha mental. There’s so many 1 series with some serious engine swaps

  11. shukri_ra profile image shukri_ra says:


  12. mr_anderson64 profile image mr_anderson64 says:

    @jared.fryer.39 did you see the lonestar Aaron rant with this car?

  13. jared.fryer.39 profile image jared.fryer.39 says:

    @mr_anderson64 yep

  14. boosted_ponies profile image boosted_ponies says:

    @subversive_subohm that intake setup though

  15. fengstone profile image fengstone says:


  16. jarradthompson profile image jarradthompson says:


  17. 5ftshortyy profile image 5ftshortyy says:


  18. klliz_marley profile image klliz_marley says:

    V8 berserki

  19. driftingthroughclouds profile image driftingthroughclouds says:

    @hgkracingteam craftsmanship and passion

  20. subversive_subohm profile image subversive_subohm says:

    @boosted_ponies ugghh it’s so good..

  21. darren.19 profile image darren.19 says:


  22. samy094 profile image samy094 says:


  23. brent_.2 profile image brent_.2 says:

    I saw that at sema

  24. linggglinggg profile image linggglinggg says:

    cute !!! 🇮🇩

  25. martincox_ profile image martincox_ says:

    @m3some 😮

  26. caleb_tss profile image caleb_tss says:


  27. the_league profile image the_league says:

    Good lord 🏻

  28. lyle_97 profile image lyle_97 says:

    Remember this. This car is roasted by aaron lonestardrift

  29. lyle_97 profile image lyle_97 says:

    Drifting is not for fun hahahaha lame

  30. paulyplewa771 profile image paulyplewa771 says:

    @benzc43amg @daryl.desjardins savvvvvage

  31. hanguknamja22 profile image hanguknamja22 says:

    @stevenkinamhan no tranquilo

  32. your_2had0w profile image your_2had0w says:

    Power is under the hood

  33. thomas_jdm profile image thomas_jdm says:

    I hate the owner of this car if you herd them at sema you would agree

  34. mahziar.aalipoor profile image mahziar.aalipoor says:

    BIG Boy

  35. lowewerks profile image lowewerks says:

    Nothing like shutting down the little guy and buying your way into FD. Teams that run cars like this is why professional drifting is becoming more and more like F1. #keepdriftingfun #grassroots

  36. coookums profile image coookums says:


  37. coookums profile image coookums says:


  38. goforbmills profile image goforbmills says:

    @ryanpatrickherbs now that’s a bmw

  39. fidenci0 profile image fidenci0 says:


  40. faisalwirdan profile image faisalwirdan says:

    Lit ☇

  41. me_own525 profile image me_own525 says:

    Pop the hood !!

  42. nic.jenkins profile image nic.jenkins says:

    @thomas_jdm seriously get over it ffs

  43. thirsty_vq profile image thirsty_vq says:

    Carbon everything

  44. y_beebs profile image y_beebs says:


  45. qmulative profile image qmulative says:

    @camwilhite @rt.snow @c_soria9

  46. drxgrich_peso profile image drxgrich_peso says:

    Ls swapped

  47. alexondabike profile image alexondabike says:

    Oh baby @averydoyal

  48. chris.pyle profile image chris.pyle says:


  49. hipstergrambrandun profile image hipstergrambrandun says:

    I hate most bimmers… but hot shit this is nice.

  50. mohammadzalat profile image mohammadzalat says:

    @hossamgamalsoliman 😈

  51. funkarias profile image funkarias says:

    @ericpelz #sexy

  52. dimmitalaz profile image dimmitalaz says:

    @nic.jenkins what did they say at sema?

  53. charles7m_ profile image charles7m_ says:

    I do some drift videos with my Nissan Micra @charles7m_ . Check my account #vivelescaisses

  54. raffrob profile image raffrob says:

    Well over 1000bhp there

  55. dr_yogi_420 profile image dr_yogi_420 says:

    @lowewerks you realy don’t know a single thing about hgk team and there way to FD.

  56. ellis_carey86 profile image ellis_carey86 says:

    If your gonna show me a photo of a v8 swapped into anything that would have a better engine any way just give me a little heads up

  57. iro_my_world profile image iro_my_world says:

    @charles7m_ do you realize a micra is fwd

  58. charles7m_ profile image charles7m_ says:

    @iro_my_world of course my friend

  59. gingersammy98 profile image gingersammy98 says:


  60. dariandragun1 profile image dariandragun1 says:

    @morganmiller5 supercharger

  61. vanleeuwen073 profile image vanleeuwen073 says:


  62. kirederf1998 profile image kirederf1998 says:

    @johanneslutz @offjoshua @tschaper1808

  63. mrjetpac profile image mrjetpac says:

    @c_ukena yea umm #somebodycomelookatthis

  64. donny_0304 profile image donny_0304 says:


  65. dax_werner profile image dax_werner says:

    @ellis_carey86 bro watch the video and tell me they “fucked up” with this build…

  66. forzatography_official profile image forzatography_official says:


  67. iam_kansascity profile image iam_kansascity says:

    @thetankthomas this is what you need haha

  68. supersaiy_cloud profile image supersaiy_cloud says:

    @andreymarquez @wnrphotography

  69. jad_hilal profile image jad_hilal says:


  70. ___d_e_c_l_a_n___ profile image ___d_e_c_l_a_n___ says:

    And isn’t this the back up car?

  71. dragon_smart profile image dragon_smart says:


  72. hussam_t.m profile image hussam_t.m says:

    @azoz123625 @adoby326 هذا هو الصح

  73. lowewerks profile image lowewerks says:

    @dr_yogi_420 if you say so bud

  74. cruzeduardo727 profile image cruzeduardo727 says:


  75. _na_savage_ profile image _na_savage_ says:

    Thts how it’s done

  76. dimmitalaz profile image dimmitalaz says:

    @lowewerks You cant compete in pro 1 if you arent a champion in your drift series in your country.. Just saying.

  77. lowewerks profile image lowewerks says:

    @dimmitalaz unfortunately that’s incorrect,you can buy your pro 1 license. Look it up. I worked as a A tech for a pro 1 team for many years and there was plenty of teams who bought there way into FD

  78. dimmitalaz profile image dimmitalaz says:

    @lowewerks Allright, if thats so.. I thinki hgk has proven over and over agaim why they are still there tho?. Its not like they are last, or missing out or not progressing the sport.. Like fuck it, the E92 is by far the wildest and good looking car on the grid.

  79. lowewerks profile image lowewerks says:

    It’s a beautiful machine no doubt but on the flip it’s a shame that the little guy with a real budget could never compete with it because when they blow a transmission or engine they swap it out with out even thinking about how much it cost. But anyway yes again it’s a amazing race car and with that I wish the best of luck to them in the 2018 season

  80. omid.kahrarian profile image omid.kahrarian says:


  81. drew_buz profile image drew_buz says:


  82. averydoyal profile image averydoyal says:

    @alexondabike fuck, that’s awesome

  83. holden.ray profile image holden.ray says:

    @ajblack0893 only a little boost….

  84. jack_cherryx profile image jack_cherryx says:

    Fucking hell @julienkalleja @lawrence_one

  85. clarenxe.w profile image clarenxe.w says:

    @lowewerks Oh my god, We get it!

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