Who else is excited for the future of this season's Pro 2 drivers!? @NexenTireUSA | @JoshRobinson530 vs. @OlaJaeger FD 2019 | @link_ecu


Who else is excited for the future of this season's Pro 2 drivers!?
@NexenTireUSA | @JoshRobinson530 vs. @OlaJaeger

FD 2019 | @link_ecu


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33 Responses to “Who else is excited for the future of this season's Pro 2 drivers!? @NexenTireUSA | @JoshRobinson530 vs. @OlaJaeger FD 2019 | @link_ecu”

  1. torquedrift says:

    Where’s the @modifiedperformance ?

  2. memer.ino says:

    I’m ad free ‍♂️ thank me later

  3. ryangrubbzz says:

    Be a lot more excited with a top 32 for pro 2

  4. djhillier555 says:

    @ryangrubbzz people complain about the length of the events now. Image the length with twice as many runs. That not even counting for all the extra double zero one more times.

  5. japkidr34 says:

    @ryangrubbzz agreed

  6. japkidr34 says:

    @djhillier555 damn. I love the length. It’s fun watching drifting period so personally the length doesn’t really matter to me.

  7. laron039 says:

    Would be good having Saturday for Pro2, Sunday for Pro and all wrapped up by dinner time both days, quickfire event done and dusted this will more than likely be the future of FD.

  8. fiftysmoke says:

    A Truck Just Did That 🏼 @atruckjustdidthat

  9. bentranter says:

    @djhillier555 agreed. Pro2 qualifying is fun to watch but the battles dont get consistently good until Final 4 imo. Watching inactive chases the whole top 32 wouldnt be very fun

  10. atruckjustdidthat says:

    @fiftysmoke max needs to get me one of those utes!

  11. _creel_ says:

    @ryangrubbzz same

  12. gabbyymolina says:

    Quick question, how come along Long Beach and Irwindale dont get pro2 competitions?

  13. browniee__x says:

    Come back to Cali already!!

  14. geoff_drifts says:


  15. edwardscissorbeans says:

    @gabbyymolina those are extremely difficult tracks

  16. hyde097 says:

    Top 32 next year please!

  17. 1_wasneverhere says:

    I’m stoked for El Zed

  18. 1_wasneverhere says:

    I’m stoked for El Zed

  19. hidetan5555 says:


  20. tata_b_p says:

    Is that a supraaa?

  21. louisjoanisse says:

    Oh, is thata su-PPPPRRRRRRAAAAAA????@mon_char_y_twist

  22. awlhers says:

    @gabbyymolina it’s to keep the playing field even. Not all pro2 drivers are backed with lots of money to get them to every event, they split the overall season events in half for pro2 to make it less expensive for drivers and to make their season go by a bit quicker using less resources.

  23. pavlo_kyslenko says:

    No more VIP tickets at 4 round in NJ ???🤔

  24. pavlo_kyslenko says:

    @pavlo_kyslenko @formulad

  25. thelonestarmiata says:

    @tata_b_p indeed

  26. formula_drift_turbo says:

    When are wallpapers coming?

  27. 2jnoyzaristo says:

    Well guy in the Supra is filling that outer zone with good angle. Move him to the Pro events next year

  28. eldeniz_oguz says:


  29. connor_ritchie says:

    @gabbyymolina irwindale do.

  30. jzlawd13 says:

    @ryangrubbzz why? Let me guess, cause LZ is competing? You guys ever watched pro2 before he started to compete?

  31. ryangrubbzz says:

    @jzlawd13 lmfao righttttt great assumption there bud. Unlike literally everyone else watching pro 2 this year. I’ve been watching for years and have always said this. Since they started pro2.

  32. jzlawd13 says:

    @ryangrubbzz alright bro! I can respect that. I just see a lot of ppl wanting a top32 in pro2 this season outta nowhere.

  33. craig_rx8 says:

    @jzlawd13 maybe because he’s likely doubled the people watching it he’s not doing great, but what he brings to Pro2 is much more than his driving. I’m new to watching Pro2, but with that many drivers, a 32 is needed really.

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