2011 ASD Grassroots Sponsorship Program


2011 ASD Grassroots Sponsorship Program
Autosport Dynamics (ASD) is starting an “ASD Mob” program that will invite 10 drivers chosen by ASD to be a part of the ASD family for 2011. ASD knows that upcoming drivers in drifting are the core of the sport, and by supporting grassroots drivers we can help grow drifting. ASD has been part of professional drifting since 2007, and along the way have enjoyed some success. It’s now time to give back to the sport that has been good to us. There’s a lot of aspects to the pro level of drifting many people may not know about, and we plan on helping some up and coming drivers prepare themselves to obtain a Formula D license.

We’ve been helping a few competitors during the 2010 season as a pilot to this program to see if it would yield better results for those drivers. We are pleased to say that our pilot program drivers have had some success. Doug Van Den Brink was able to break a long time winless streak with #1 qualifying runs at both Round 3 of XDC and SEDC series with overall wins at both events. Steve Sokol has won numerous local amateur events since teaming up with ASD. Now it’s time to broaden the horizon, and give more back to the grassroots drivers to keep our sport growing.

This is what we offer:
1. All parts manufactured by ASD are available at direct manufacturing cost (our cost) for your car only. Since we have our own in house CNC machine and fabrication department, the cost for many of the parts we make and sell is a lot lower than what other companies can make/sell them for. This includes all of our brake kits, e-brake kits, suspension arms etc. Many new drift products are currently in development or finalizing manufacturing.

2. All of the other brands of parts we sell, you get our cost on those too. We have accounts with many companies with pricing lower than on any dealer price sheet. That means we get pricing on many parts that is below the deepest deals around. We’ll pass that directly on to you with no markup or profit, for your car only.

3. Assistance with obtaining other sponsorship opportunities. Just because we’re helping you does not mean we are the only ones that can. We will help you obtain other sponsors to lessen the load on you as a privateer, and help teach you what those companies need from you in return.

4. ASD signage for your car provided at no cost to you.

5. Free engineering and chassis setup support via email or telephone. And if you are local, you can also stop by for support with chassis set-up.

6. Chassis set-up assistance at any event ASD is at, if you’re there. We go to many local and Pro-Am events.

7. Free round trip airfare, hotel, and food for a group class at the ASD facility in Charlotte on drift chassis set-up. This will be a full day interactive class session with Ian Stewart from ASD and other guest speakers, primarily focused on drift chassis suspension set-up for tandem competition. Learn the basis of the techniques and engineering ASD uses on the Vaughn Gittin Jr and Justin Pawlak Mustangs, D-Mac’s Sky, and Tyler McQuarrie’s 350Z.

We will be bringing all 10 selected drivers out to Charlotte, NC, January 14th through 16th for this classroom training seminar. Your flight, hotel room and food are all covered by ASD. There will be a variety of speakers at the class, including some guest speakers. Training materials will be provided on site.

Here are the requirements of the “ASD Mob” program:

1. The program will select 10 total drivers, from across the USA. We will be accepting applications until August 27th 2010 at 5pm EST. Applications must be submitted via e-mail. A final decision and announcement of ASD Mob members will be announced by September 15th, 2010.

2. All drivers applying for positions must be currently driving in either local events or a pro-am series. This isn’t for people who are thinking about getting into the sport. It’s for those of you who are already doing it.

3. You must be a motivated driver with goals in drifting. We are looking for those drivers that really want to do well, and improve to the point where they can compete for a pro license.

4. You must compete in a minimum of 5 local or pro-am events during the 2011 calendar year.

5. You must submit photos of your current car with your application. They must be current photos.

6. You must submit a list of current sponsors and affiliates, if any.

7. You must run ASD signage on your car for all events attended while part of the ASD Mob.

8. Once approved as an ASD Mob member, all benefits are active immediately as of September 15th 2010 until December 30th 2011.

9. The ASD Mob program expires immediately if you obtain a Formula D or D1 Pro License. If you have had a Pro license in the past, but it is not currently valid, you are eligible to apply. We will be verifying prior license status upon submission of application. The ASD Mob is for aspiring grassroots drivers, not drivers with current Formula D or D1 Pro licenses. However, continuing sponsorship outside of the ASD Mob program will be evaluated at that time, should you receive a Pro license.

If we forgot something important or you have other questions, you can email ASDmob@asdmotorsports.com and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Otherwise, you can download your ASD Mob application here (PDF) or here (Word doc)

Email your applications to ASDmob@asdmotorsports.com before August 27th 2010 at 5:00pm EST.

Thanks, and best of luck to all.

Ian Stewart
Autosport Dynamics Inc.
ASD Motorsports Inc.

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