Daniel’s Rocket Bunny S13 !!! @dannyleavitt


Daniel's Rocket Bunny S13 !!! @dannyleavitt


  1. something_offensive profile image
    something_offensive 9 April, 2014 at 00:52 Reply

    @mylifeinthe780 nope you’re the dumbass. This car is an s13 whether it was sold as a 180sx in japan, a 200sx in Europe, or a 240sx in North America. ALL 180sx/200sx/Silvia/240sx from 1989-1994 (and 180sx kouki in 97-98) are s13. It’s a chassis code, just like ALL Silvia/200sx/240sx from 1995-1998 are s14, no matter if they’re Zenki or kouki.

  2. iheartmy_silvia profile image
    iheartmy_silvia 9 April, 2014 at 00:58 Reply

    @mylifeinthe780 lol. No. An s13 coupe from japan is a SILVIA, an s13 hatchback from japan is a 180SX. A jdm spec 240? Lol if it aint rhd. Its just a 240. Get yo facts right kid. Oh yeah. I drive a rhd jdm s14 SILVIA. not 240.

  3. mylifeinthe780 profile image
    mylifeinthe780 9 April, 2014 at 01:03 Reply

    @something_offensive enough said as far a chassis code is concerned, fair enough. I always reverted the Japanese 180sx as an s13 weather it came with a CA18 or the Srt20DET

  4. something_offensive profile image
    something_offensive 9 April, 2014 at 01:10 Reply

    @iheartmy_silvia what year does your title say? Unless I’m mistaken, the only s-chassis sold as a 1994 model was the convertible, and then the s14 started as a 1995. If you have an actual title showing it as a 1994 model year s14 (not production date, model year) then I’ll have learned something new today.

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