Drift 101/102 Info.
Thank you for your interest to our Drift Classes!


Drift 101 by Drift Association: Basic skills (donuts & figure 8)
Drift 102 by DriftPRO: Advanced skills (review on Drift 101, initiation technique, mini course)
Private Lesson by DriftPRO: Basic & Advanced skills

Any Questions regarding Drift School Classes?
Please email to: yoshie (at) driftpro (dot) com

List for Available Classes:

Drift 101:
*1-Day Drift 101 with Rental Car
*1-Day Drift 101 Instruction ONLY (no Rental Car)

Drift 102:
*1-Day Drift 102 with Rental Car with Drift 101 graduate
*1-Day Drift 102 Instruction ONLY with Drift 101graduate (no Rental Car)

Drift 101 & Drift 102 Combo:
*2-Day Drift 101 & 102 with Rental Cars
*2-Day Drift 101 & 102 Instruction ONLY (no Rental Car)

Special Program (**restrictions apply, please see below for details):
*1-Day Drift 102 with Rental Car without completing Drift 101
*1-Day Drift 102 Instruction ONLY (no Rental Car) without completing Drift 101

**Restrictions for Special Program:

1. Student MUST have basic drift skills, equivalent to Drift 101 graduate level.
2. Student who would like to take Special Program MUST take a skill test in the morning.
3. Test Fee is $200 (not including Drift 101 or Drift 102 fees), NON-refundable whether you pass the test or not.

Private Lesson:
*Please inquire for more details.

1. Please provide a helmet, driving gloves, and driving shoes (or thinner soled shoes like tennis shoes/sneakers/etc).
2. Helmet rental might be available upon request.
3. Your spot will be secured ONLY IF below conditions are met:
A. The FULL amount of deposit MUST be received & cleared. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. *NO EXCEPTION!
B. The deposit MUST be cleared at least 1 week in advance of the tentative scheduled date. *NO EXCEPTION!
4. Rearranging your schedule is free of charge, ONLY IF notified at least 72 hours in advance from the scheduled date.
5. Failing to notify at least 72 hours in advance or failing to show on the scheduled day will result in CANCELLATION FEE which is 50% of deposited amount. The remaining 50% will be transferred for new tentative scheduled date. You are responsible to make new deposit to re-schedule your class. *NO EXCEPTION!

*NOTE for students planning to bring your own car:
1. The car MUST pass the tech inspection. *Please ask for details.
2. The car MUST be RWD (Rear Wheel Drive).
3. The car MUST have CLUTCH TYPE LSD (Limited Slip Differential) installed.
4. The car MUST be free from any fluid/oil/air leak.
5. The car MUST be free from fire hazard.
6. The battery MUST be secured.
7. The seatbelts/harnesses MUST be properly attached and in good working condition.
8. The seats MUST be secured.
9. Please bring at least 2 sets of rear tires. Once your tires are gone, you will not be able to run for the day.
10. If there are any issues with your car during the class, we will NOT be responsible for the damages or time loss.
11. Once the class starts, NO REFUND for any reasons.

Drift 101/102 Rental Cars
Any Questions regarding Drift School Classes?
Please email to: yoshie (at) driftpro (dot) com

For Drift 101 Rental Car from Drift Association:
Please visit @ driftday.com

For Drift 102 Rental Cars from DriftPRO:


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