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By ASD Team

From the outside looking in, I can totally understand how some of you feel this way and some of your points. But, I feel obligated to stick up for FD a bit here.

There is a very specific judging criteria. However, two problems arise that I think cause some of the concerns being voiced here:

1. The judging criteria does change from track to track and event to event. Mostly due to course layout, but it does change and it changed again in Florida due to the line the judges wanted to see.

2. The judging criteria for each event is only heard in the drivers meetings, and isn’t available to the fans. I think that causes the biggest amount of confusion with the fans.

I’ve found, as have other teams, that one of the most important parts of the FD weekend is listening very carefully and understanding exactly what the judges want to see at that particular event. Doing so will of course increase your odds of setting the car up correctly for that track, and having the driver be able do what the judges want.

But to be fair, unless the fans recieve the same information the teams recieve about judging criteria for each individual event, there is bound to be confusion among the fans. In my opinion it would benefit FD to make the judging criteria for each event more widely known for the fans.

As for the speed issue, the way I understand the FD judges view is this: If the chase car can’t keep up and put pressure on the lead car, there is no tandem battle. Speed is a judged element, hence today’s super fast FD cars. You do have to be fast enough too, with minimal compromise on angle. The level of angle or speed compromise is up to the judges when they judge the runs. Hence D-Mac’s OMT against Conrad, he didn’t have close to Conrad’s angle at the initiation. A fair call I believed with the judging criteria in Florida, and they went OMT.

Not saying I’m right, its just how I understand it. This is FD’s game, we’re just the players and the fans.



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