Formula Drift Feedback by Jarod DeAnda


1st of all, THANK YOU as always to the fans!!!

The drivers, crew, staff and everybody HAD to be there of course to put on a show for you the fans but the FANS endured some very extreme conditions, 100+ degrees in the hot sun during Qualifying on Friday and a good crowd showing on a Friday at that!
Of course smoking em until late into the night Saturday and congrats to the podium standers, Tyler “The Rock” McQuarrie, Dai Yoshihara and Vaughn Gittin Jr.

You the fans also were there in record numbers, the stands were at capacity!!
Like PACKED from start to finish, that was awesome when I asked how many people have been here from when the sun was blistering I’d say 75% of the hands went up…
Thank you sooo much and I’m sure you enjoyed some phenom driving!
Not too much carnage from Top 32 to podium and very little One More Time battles….

I must apologize for a few things that weren’t exemplary of the caliber of Formula Drift events… For one the audio had a few issues during the national anthem and Top 16 driver intros, believe me it was a bummer but we worked through it. It was due to the generator getting TOO hot (surprise surprise) and tripping the breaker.
I must also apologize for a fight that broke out right before Top 4, some people cant handle the heat so they fight the kitchen…
Bummer that one person or 2 are selfish enough to ruin the flow of an event, i remember when I had my 1st beer…

Regardless couple hiccups in the event but overall the progression of the driving, the events and YOU the fans just makes FORMULA DRIFT to be the Premiere International Drifting sanctioning body!

Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to a great event at round 6 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA Sept 10-11th ….


Also, be sure to check my blog for some good times behind the scenes and my perspective!!!


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