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  • Looking For Car In Canada

    I live in canada and looking for a cheap car to buy like a 86,240sx,FC etc...

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    Best of luck to ya, 240s are going through the roof right now. But it seems like the prices are better out east. Alberta 240SX owners seem to ask way more than anywhere else.

    Give Canada Auto Trader a boo. Then your local classifieds.

    **Edit: It just occured to me. If you're willing to drive a RHD car from Japan take a look at Import Concern . They're importers of used Japanese vehicles that are 15 years or older. Right now you can get a S13 180SX CA18DET or even a Silvia. Cars of this age from Japan tend to be in better condition than similarly priced cars here. Check it out, it could definately be worth your while.

    PS: There are other importers as well, some in Ontario and such. I can't remember any but look around and I'm sure you'll find info there.

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      thanks for the info, I dont have a very big income right now (my only job is passing newspapers) so I cant afford a really expensive car