I have a few KA24DET conversion parts.
All parts are new or have been bearly used and have only been mounted to see what it would look like.

Turbonetics T3/T04E Super Series turbocharger with the Ceramic Ball Bearing option. The compressor wheel is a Super 50 trim (3 inch housing inlet, housing is polished), the bearing cartridge is wet, and the turbine setup is a stage II wheel in a .63 A/R tangential housing. The housing could accept an integral wastegate or simply be blocked off with a single outlet downpipe flange. Use for about 300 miles according to the previous owner. NO shaft play what so ever. Asking $500 o.b.o.

Lastest design Rev-Hard T3/T4 manifold for the KA24DE. The individual primaries have not been cut. Again, used for about 300 miles. Asking $450 o.b.o.

Turbonetics Godzilla BOV with brass fittings and aluminum mounting flange. Finish is polished. Asking $200 o.b.o.

PM is the key! All prices are 'or best offer', throw some offers my way.

I will sell the 3 items for $1100 shipped.

Just wanted to add, I am also looking for suspension parts for a S13. I am interested in RUCA, toe arms, traction arms, coilovers, LSD, also am looking for rims. If you have anything that might interest me, let me know.

E-Mail is the key - SpottedMango@spottedmango.com


Manifold 2

Turbonetics Godzilla BOV


Bov 3


Turbo 2