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New S13 JIC Tie Rods

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  • New S13 JIC Tie Rods

    Brand new set of inners, these things are SUPER beefy. The best you can get.
    I bought these and a set of pillowball rod ends at the same time, but the ends turned out to be S14 thread, so these inners have to go. These are S13 thread (unlike Tein inners which are all S14 thread) so you'd need a set of S13 outers - if you're planning on pillowball ends this is good because I've been told that S14 kazama ends are on backorder, but there's plenty of S13 ends!
    I took one rod out of the bag to test the end, the other is still sealed, they have not been used at all.


    Yep, that's a lugnut..

    The steering angle spacer is built in, helps a lot with drifting and such.

    I'd like to get 180 shipped, that's about 2/3 of the retail price!
    I don't check this forum much, so if you're interested please email me at
    Thanks for looking.