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1985 Rx7 GS-L FS So Cal

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  • 1985 Rx7 GS-L FS So Cal

    I bought this from a friend cuz it came about just after my í88 TII was stolen. Iíve decided to sell this because I prefer a gas saving Honda right now. Anyway, hereís some info taken from his post previous to me buying it.

    It's a 1985 Mazda RX7 GS with a GSL rear axle. The car is white with a very clean grey interior.
    It is sitting on black mesh enkei wheels that I picked up at a shop
    about a year ago. The wheels had been completely restorded and had
    no bent lips prior. The tires are 195/50/15
    Enduro runway tires, just some decent H rated tires. Very nice and
    grippy for the street.
    the car is sitting on Tokico HP shocks installed in June 2005.
    I also changed the brakes all the way around in June.
    the exhaust is racing beat headers, straight pipe with a 48 inch
    glass pack into a GSL-se muffler. It sounds like a rotary but is
    sooooo damn quiet. It makes some noise but it's very tame.
    The engine bay has been stripped of all uneccesary emissions and
    vacuum lines. The A/c is still intact and blows cold as soon as it's
    turned on.
    The odometer has 260k on it. The motor was replaced 68k ago, there
    are receipts for this.
    The carb has been adjusted to not run lean with the exhaust, it is
    running slightly rich.
    The car always starts very easily and idles at 800rpm no matter what
    the weather or the temp of the engine. the motor does not smoke,
    This car rides great on the freeway. Feels like a new FB I bet.
    the car was obtained from the original owner that bought it in 1984,
    he upgraded to an RX8 and sold this to us. He had a stack of maint.
    reciepts a foot high. Always had it dealer maintained and always
    gave it oil changes regularly.
    The tranny is the best feeling I have ever driven on, no
    exageration. The car runs and drives great and is good on gas and
    has a full power band to 7k RPM.
    The plugs were replaced in november. We have only put about 4k miles
    on it for 2005.
    the car is currently registered and was smogged but will need to be
    smogged again when title transfer is done. I can assist with that
    now to the interior, I kid you not this interior is probably 95%
    showroom. No wear, roting, mating, nothing, it was always garage
    kept. Everything is so clean inside its not funny.
    the car is white and was repainted about 9 years ago according to
    the original owner. The paint used was of poor quality though so the
    roof and rear has an Eggshell texture. The rest of the car is okay. The rear
    windows, hatch and small sides have fresh black tint, Legal tint.
    This car is the ultimate FB daily driver in my opinion. It is quiet
    until you open it up, its good enough on gas, it doesn't smell like
    most rotarys do, its got a clean nice interior, heater and A/C.
    I am located in Los Angeles.

    vin: JM1FB331XF0899551

    Asking $2800 or best offer for the car.

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    that glass pack will probably melt soon enough.

    engine pics?13b right?


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      Originally posted by RotaDrift
      that glass pack will probably melt soon enough.

      engine pics?13b right?
      i can post engine pics tomorrow. the glass pack has steel wool packing so it will not "melt" or burn out. it has been in the car for a while and the car is still quiet.

      The motor is a 12a. Its a GS with a GSL-SE rear end and stock lsd. With the setup right now i can walk on any stock GSL-SE!!

      12a turbo this thing and i promise you it will make you spew!