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Ken Gushi's Nissan 240sx (S13) for sale~!!~

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  • Ken Gushi's Nissan 240sx (S13) for sale~!!~

    Hello everyone,

    We are putting up Ken Gushi's Green 240sx (s13) for sale. Here is some information about the vehicle specs.

    Color - Lamborghini Murcielago Green
    Carbon Fiber Parts - Blue Pearl Custom Clear Coat
    AIT B-Magic
    -Front Bumper w/partial carbon fiber front lip
    -Carbon Fiber hood
    -Wide body fenders (30mm) & Rear quarter panels (50mm)
    -Side Skirts
    -Rear Bumper
    C-West Carbon Fiber passenger & driver mirrors
    Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
    Alpha HID headlights

    OEM Nissan Z32 Brake upgrade
    OEM Factory 5 Lug Conversion

    Cusco Roll Cage w/custom side bars
    Nardi Classic Black Steering Wheel
    Sparco Seats (passenger & driver)
    AC Autotechnic Gauges:
    Oil Temp.
    Water Temp
    Air Fuel Ratio
    Oil Pressure
    Boost Gauge
    Razo Shift Knob

    JIC Magic Custom Drift Spec Coilovers
    Cusco Front Lower Brace
    Tein Pillow Tension Rods
    Sustec Rear Pillow Upperlink
    Sustec Pillow Camber Arms

    Engine Spec:
    TOMEI SR20DET Crate Motor
    HKS 760cc Injectors
    Greddy Intake Manifold
    HKS Turbo Manifold
    HKS Fuel Rail
    HKS GTRS Turbo
    HKS Intercooler w/Blast Racing Custom Intercooler Piping
    HKS FCON V-Pro Custom Tuned by Blast Racing
    SUN Hyper Ground System
    HKS EVC Boost Controller
    KOYO Radiator

    KAAZ 2-Way LSD
    Custom Billet Axles
    5 Zigen Exhaust
    Aftermarket Steering Shaft Bushing
    Rear End sub-frame solid mounts
    17x8 Watanabe rims (front)
    17x9 5 Zigen FN01R-C (rears)

    Car is pushing 400+hp mildly tuned.
    There are more miscellaneous parts included in the car that we may not have listed.
    If you have any further questions or inquiries please call (310) 420-4336 or email us at Please call this number since Gushi Auto is in the process of moving to a new location.

    We also have 2 other s13 chassis for sale.

    Thanks for viewing our post. Hope it goes to a good home.

    Here are a few pictures from the past. If you need more pictures they are available upon request.

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    That car has some CRAZY history behind it!! Can't believe the gushi's are willing to sell it

    this would be a great car for someone who's trying to get into Formula D. A quick repaint and change of graphics and nobody would know it was the old Gushi car.


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      it is a great car i think it was his 3rd or 4th coupe.. lost track.. but it is a good car..


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        I want it!..too bad Im broke..whats the price tag on it?


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          more than you can afford pal, ken gushi


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            Originally posted by Mike Peters
            more than you can afford pal, ken gushi
            *revs my bright orange supra* bald headed friend just told me to smoke you


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              smoke tires not mikespeed


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                No freaking way...

                That thing belongs in a museum...


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                  how about we all pitch in to get it, and ill keep it and makes sure it stays all nice and pretty


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                    post price.. or send it to PICS thread or something...


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                      Originally posted by MonkeySlide
                      *revs my bright orange supra* bald headed friend just told me to smoke you
                      i cant drive stick! lol

                      bump for a great car!


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                        Man dont you know??? The cars are different! The Tires Are slick! If you aint outa control, You aint in control!!!!

                        *shakes head*

                        Anyway, man... if could sell my 3 240's And just buy that one i would be happy. Wonder how much they are askin
                        for it.


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                          I've heard through the grapevine that they're asking around 20 grand for it which is well worth it since that Tomei crate motor is probably 10 by itself.. maybe they lowered it though who knows..give 'em a call
                          Last edited by MonkeySlide; 06-02-2006, 05:32 PM.


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                            Thanks for all the replies and comments.

                            Asking Price is $20,000.

                            Thanks Everyone!


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                              woooow thats cheap as hell for how much it would cost to build that car