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FS:clean s13, low mileage, pretty stock, 3800 obo.

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    Srry lol just saw location, if it was nearer and price was lower I would have definatly been interested!
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    started a topic FS:clean s13, low mileage, pretty stock, 3800 obo.

    FS:clean s13, low mileage, pretty stock, 3800 obo.

    As mentioned in the title I am selling my 1991 240sx fastback SE. Its a great daily car, not abused, and as the majority of you know has the potential to be a great car for drifting. Anyway, onto the stuff.

    what is has: Pretty stock, only performance mod is new 2.5 inch exhausts. It has a new very nice/expensive battery, new alternator, new belts, new power steering pressure hose, new bridgestone potenza re930i's, new alignment and some other small stuff.
    Exterior is pretty darn clean. White paint(pretty clean and shiny if you care about that kind of stuff). Stock SE alloys and sunroof.
    Interior is not bad, but could use some slight work. The dashboard has 1 crack in it, the steering wheel has some sun damage on top of it. The passenger seat is nice, but the driver seat has 1 small tear in it. The backseat has some scrapes in it on one side, but still sittable. It has a Kenwood CD player/FM/AM radio player, and it goes pretty loud, but I wouldnt suggest doing it on stock speakers although the speakers do sound great. No leaks anywhere, and pretty nice ride. Also, the AC is nice and cold for anyone who has to go through the summer heat in FL or anywhere else.

    Engine: VERY CLEAN, and low mileage ka24de, 102k. Runs great and always well maintained. As mentioned above, new hoses, alternator, belts, pwsteering pressure hose, battery and alternator. AND NO OIL LEAKS!!!

    Now for the bad: weatherstripping pealing around front windshield and sunroof. It doesnt leak, so its stricly for close up look purposes, and I still think it would be hard to notice even then. However, some rubber gel crap was put in place on some parts to INSURE it doesnt leak even though it doesn't. The passenger side bumper bracket is bent, so it looks like the hood is slightly bent even though its the bumper that is lower. This is relativily easy and cheap to fix, just to let you know. Slight rust blemishes starting on the hatch, but definantly not anything to worry about or anything serious. Very small. 1 crack in the dash, and the sun damage on the steering wheel.
    And the bearing MAY need to be replaced after awhile because of slight shaking when braking which usually indicates bearings. But nothing bad at all, and very driveable. And finally, the AC works on everything but 4. This is a small "chip" of sorts, and is very easy and cheap to repair, even if you let a local mechanic do the job.
    Don't mean to scare you away with the bads. There isn't many but I believe its better to tell someone exactly what they are getting before they think about getting it. But really, the car is great and runs amazing, so if your looking for a great relativily stock s13, this might be the one for you.

    PM me or AIM me for any questions you have. I will do my best to answer them. Also, I will get some more pictures thoroughly covering the car soon. Please, do like the rules say, and if you plan on trashing my car/price/anything please refrain from doing so. Thanks so much. And please, no lowballers. I have to stay in a certain price so if you don't like it please dont post. Thanks