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T3 Coil Overs for Sale AE86

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  • T3 Coil Overs for Sale AE86

    From what i am told the corolla strut tube diameter is 51mm, this one fits a 50mm so a little shaving down of the strut casings MAY be needed but i doubt it, even if it is, its only 1mm to shave off with a cutter wheel side grinder.

    The rates are 500lb or roughly 8.6+ lbs and the kit also coms with a swivel hat that additionally helps mate the coil overs to camber plates. There is also a small ring to weld to to strut casings as a perch.

    The coil overs are BRAND NEW and cost $200 from T3 and the swivel hat is an additional $40.

    They are located in springfield at the moment but i can have them in fredericksburg at the weekends end.

    my cell is 540 848 0484


    Aim: lkt 86slider

    Price is a firm $150 + $10 shipping if needed, payment via cash, money order, personal check.