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FS:2003 350Z Track model ready to run

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  • FS:2003 350Z Track model ready to run

    Well I always wanted to start a project on an older car from the ground up. So I just bought a 92 sc300 and am now selling the Z. I bought it 4/28/06 so it still has some factory warranty left. I've spent tons of time adjusting and changing parts on this car untill it felt perfect. here's the list

    Tanabe Pro Seven coilovers ,hard driving version (4500 miles on them)

    Hotckis front and rear adjustable swaybars

    SPC adjustable rear control arms

    SPC rear toe bolts

    Custom 4 point roll cage with an X for athority( built by domination chassis)

    Nismo 1.5 way LSD (5000) miles. Set at 80% but can be adjusted with a socket extension through the fill plug.

    Work emotion CR Kai 18x9.5 all around

    Falken Azenis RT615 tires

    larger Power steering cooler

    Kinetix upper plenum

    JWT pop charger

    Xerd test pipes

    Japtrix y pipe

    Jic single exhaust

    I built this car to be a great all around performer. It has 24500 miles and has had a pretty easy life. It's never so much as been in a Giant Eagle fender bender. I only my it to a couple HPDE events and the car was amazing. Oh yeah all fuilds are fresh and it has brand new Hawk HPS pads and the rotors are perfectly true. Being since this is the Track model it stickered fro 35k new and came with the brembos and Rays wheel(which I sold) The car has been corner balanced and has a great alignment(after much trial and error). This this is ready to go needs nothing. I'm looking for 25k
    Let me know if you have any questions or extra picture requests.


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    ahhhh ps.

    I live in washington PA


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      I have plenty more shots of this car... let me know if you wanted different angles. Oh yeah and just for kick I wrapped the headliner, gauge cluster, and center console in ballerifick suede.


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        24500 any interest? This car is set up perfectly and even if you have different tastes everything is adjustable. Even the nismo diff can be adjusted with a extension through the fill plug, plus it can be converted to a two way.