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  • S14 and SR20DET parts

    I have numerous items to sell from my S14 and SR20 which I no longer need to run my car. I have had them sitting in my garage for too long now and I need to get rid of them
    They are all quality parts and have functioned on a running car before.

    First I have a S14 roll cage from Auto Power (pre-drilled and all hard-ware)
    Asking $700

    Next have all SR20DET top end components
    Give me a price

    Next have a stock S14 fuel rail minus the wiring harness seen in the picture
    Asking $150

    A/C compressor (no need in a race car)
    Asking $100

    Stock upper oil pan
    Asking $80

    Stock S14 crank shaft
    Give me a price

    Front SR20DET cover
    Asking $70

    Bottom end cradle
    Give me a price

    Stock timing chain and tensioner
    Asking $60

    Anything useful in the box minus the water pump pulley
    Give me a price

    Stock S14 intake manifold and throttle body
    Give me a price

    HKS 1.2mm head gasket (used once, not blown) beautiful if trying to go cheap and powerful

    Contact me at