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pimp s14, built motor, cool fast car.

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  • pimp s14, built motor, cool fast car.

    as the title describes, this s14 is pimpy, one of my favorites in texas. we built it up at my shop, and all the labor was performed by derrick. it really hasn't been beat on as a drift car since i've had it, i just used it to tool around town.


    fully built sr20det motor
    cp pistons, stock compression
    crower rods
    arp head studs
    crower 272 cams and valvetrain
    after market but solid exhaust manifold
    top speed intake manifold
    front mount intercooler
    power fc jetro with map sensor and hand controller
    power fc boost controller integrated into ecu
    2871r ball bearing garrett turbo
    full exhuast
    850cc injectors
    block and head were both machined
    cometic head gasket
    the car has an aftermarket clutch which holds the power well, probably act 6 puck.
    ac is mostly hooked up, not yet done

    the motor is probably good for 600 whp or so with just a change of turbo, maybe more. i was going to put a 3071 on it, which i still have, but i decided on the 2871 instead. the motor should be good for 9000+ rpm as it sits if you install the mechanical lash kit which i have for it as well, but i left that out so i wouldn't have to adjust it ever which street driving. the hydraulic are better for that. anyways, the motor dynoed about 378whp on pump gas, and will probably do around 410whp or so on race gas.

    suspension and steering:

    tein flex coilovers
    rear kazama control arms
    tein tie rods


    gram lights 18x9 up front, 18x10 in the rear.
    tires are dunlops in a 255 width
    project kicks 20mm spacers out back


    you have a boost gauge, temp guage, oil pressure gauge. all are greddy i think.
    steering wheel is momo
    seats are leather
    stereo works nicely with an ipod, and has the file structure on the deck which is cool.
    pedals are sparco, i have no idea why lol.




    glass headlights! they look awesome!
    version select body kit, with a brand new bumper sitting in my living room waiting for the old one to die. the old one looks fine but has seen better days.
    carbon fiber hood.

    i would like 15k for the car. it is pretty seldom that you see completely built sr20's in texas, let alone in nice looking cars with pimpy wheels. the car is very fast, has less than 1k miles since the motor build, and is very cool : )

    call me at 210.269.4071 if your interested

    click here for more pics

    VIN: JN1AS44D0SW015877
    i think mileage is 192k or something. almost nothing on the new motor.

    i'm located just north of san antonio, tx.

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    PIMP as in Iceberg Slim.