Let me start off by saying that I am not going to part out or sell this car. I am looking for a straight trade, maybe with a little bit of extra money on my end. I would like to trade my FC t2 for an FD. The FD I am looking for must have the following; No sunroof, 5spd, & in running condition. The only difference when my car changes hands will be that I keep the seat (it is the only one that will fit my fat *Censored**Censored**Censored*), and all of the stickers on the windows will be stripped off.

I would prefer if the FD was in stock or near stock form, but if you have an FD with some light-mild mods and want to trade then that would be fine as well.

Here are the specs of my car

Also, I will have all of the smog paperwork to hand over, making it legal to drive on the street.

1987 Turbo2
JDM S5 T2 engine

HKS SuperMegaFlow air filter
Ported Waste gate
Apexi GT Spec 3" turbo back
Warboro 255 fuel pump
RacingBeat FCD

Hawk HP+ brake pads all around
MazdaTrix Steel Braided Brake Lines
Power Slot rotors

JIC FLTA2RS 8kg/8kg w/ helper spring
Mazdatrix Sway bar End Links
AWR Rear Lateral Links (Toe Adjusters)
AWR Rear Camber Adjusters
Super Now Tie Rod Ends (bump steer eliminators)
Secret Element Super Angle Spacers

97% Gutted (have not removed anything from under the dash)
Cusco front under brace
Ebay rear strut brace
Mazdatrix DTSS Bushing
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings
MMR UHMW Rear Subframe Bushings
MMR UHMW Rear Differential Bushings
Racing Beat Competition Front Differential Mount
MMR UHMW Transmission Mounts


DIYSPL Bucket Seat
320mm Steering wheel

Japanese Rx7 folding mirrors
ANNIVERSARY Racing Factory Front bumper cowl
17x8+30 Mustang Cobra wheels (with 10mm Fighter Garage spacer)
17x8+30 Mustang Cobra wheels in rear
Front ARP 3.25" Wheel Studs

Removed rats nest
Removed emissions
Removed a/c
Koyo Radiator
PA system
Mazda Racing Dual Alternator belt pulley

All pictures can be found here

The chassis is straight, the one picture of the damaged part is because of a blow out on the freeway the tread ripped off and slapped the end of the wheel well. This can be hidden with the addition of a rear bumper valence.

The chassis has 176k mi, and the engine has around 50k (second engine). The oil has been changed every 2500 miles. The tranny oil, radiator fluid, and LSD fluid have been changed every 7500 miles. I have never over heated the engine (max temp at 50%). This car has never seen a track, but has seen a few spirited runs on a canyon road. The engine pulls hard and runs very well all throughout the power band, there is no 3500rpm hesitation, and boost kicks in around 3400rpm.

The car is located in Fallbrook, CA 92028 and I am willing to drive the car, at most, 2 hours away to drop it off, however I will not drive the 2 hours away just to have you look and drive the car. If you just want to check it out you can head to my place.

Send me an e-mail or respond to this message if you are interested