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rb20 project parting out......Power FC :)

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  • rb20 project parting out......Power FC :)

    alright everyone, here's the background. I have an rb20det, decided to rebuild the whole thing to make it stronger/better. pretty much got to the point where i was almost done and then ran out of cash to finish it up, typical. so now i'm putting all of my parts i have up for sale. please don't try and lowball me, i'm already bringing down the price and taking a big hit on it.
    some of these parts are a bit heavy so I'd suggest local pick-up, I'm in Anaheim. otherwise you take care of shipping, i have no problem shipping this stuff i just think some of it might get pricey if it needs to be mailed.

    first off i'm selling the block and head. block wasn't really touched, still pretty much stock. but the heads were completely rebuilt. I had someone clean the hell out of the head, installed tomei cams 256 intake and exhaust, tomei valve springs, tomei 1.5mm headgasket, also put in tomei adjustable cam gears, power enterprise timing belt, replaced the water pump, and arp head studs. all of that i'm selling for $1000
    pls do the math and see how much I lost on that already, don't try to bring that price down. no turbo, no manifolds, just block and head

    rb20det transmission for $250

    os giken super single plate clutch, works on both rb20 and rb26. was told i don't need a new throw out bearing for it, that stock would work. still has plenty of life on the disk. $300

    hks cast iron manifold(practically indestructible)/w hks style blow-off(not the greatest blow-off but works) for rb20/rb25 $500

    550cc denso injectors, used but cleaned by RC engineering in torrance, so now practically like new $250

    Apexi Power FC, retuned by AP Engineering to work on rb20det. comes with controller. i know it works had it running on the car before I decided to rebuild $1100

    McKinney style motor mounts for rb20/rb25 into a 240sx $150

    If anyone is really interested, pls contact me I can send pics out. I usually have internet access 24/7 so feel free to email me anytime and i'll send out some pics and answer questions as soon as I can

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    here are some pictures
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      and a little more pix
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        i was wandering if you would be willing to sell the tranny mount seperate? if so how much for it? thanks


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          sorry, i gotta sell that as a set unless u can find someone interested in just the motor mounts then i got no problem, but if i split it up it'll make it even harder to get rid of them.


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            tranny gone, still got everything else


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              Power FC

              gone, still got clutch, mounts, and manifold


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                buyer dropped on the motor, motor is still available