Hey guys I am going thru the garage and selling off a bunch of stuff I no
longer need. All prices include shipping.

FC and FD:
Blitz DSBC SpecR boost controller brand new $310
ORC 409 single plate w/brand new push/pull convertor (3.3-4mm on the clutch
disc thickness) $500 (FC no converter needed $300)
Billet Aluminum oil filter pedestals Version 2 w/npt ports and installation
hardware and new crush washers! $65 let me know fc or fd
3" V-Band clamp kits $70ea

Super*Now! Transmission cooling panel $230
Super*Now!/FEED Sway bar mount kit $210
Super*Now pillow ball Tie rod end kit $170
OEM front bumper bra $65
Metering Oil pump lines (oem) $25
ARC twin bov kit $210
ERC air pump elimination pulley $75
Pettit AST w/Stant cap $110
Engine mounts w/good bushings (al/steel) $125

ENGINE PARTS (FD, some can be used in FC)
Iron Set (front, intermediate, rear) $320 for the set or 120 ea
Rotor housings (recommend cermet or rechromed; some chipping on bottom edge
about 2mm wide or less) $60 ea
Rotor housings (useable; very thin groove on part of housing) $100 ea
E-Shafts $70 ea
Front stationary gear $40 ea
Rear stationary gear $40 ea
Oil pump w/chain $45 ea
Oil pressure regulator $10 ea
Tension bolts $20 ea set
Tubular dowel rods $15 ea set
Front cover $60
Water pump w/housing $70
Front counter weight $20 ea
Metering oil pump gear $10 ea
Oil pan pick up $10 ea
Oil pan $40 ea
Main pulley (oem) $15
Flywheel (oem, needs resurfaced) $40 ea


FC Rotor housings w/shaved sides near ports for Bridgeport , ported exhaust,
and water jacket mod $195 for set
8.5 CR 3mm rotor sets, a couple little dings but nothing to cause alarm $170
for set
Roll center blocks $35
Radio harness for plug and play w/aftermarket head unit $10
S4 aluminum coolant filler neck $20
S4 ABS unit $25

I will entertain any trades. Plus I am looking for a few parts for the FD

-PowerSteering rack let me know the year and month
-Steering colmun
-Ebrake handle assembly
-AC condenser and lines let me know what year
-I am sure there are more things I am looking for so let me know what you got...

Pictures can be sent upon request. You can email me or send payment to seeltuned@aol.com