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1989 240sx coupe Sil Front/SR20 swap Florida

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  • 1989 240sx coupe Sil Front/SR20 swap Florida

    1989 240sx coupe base model
    125k miles
    sr20det redtop
    sil-front conversion
    350z Silverstone Paint

    Ive had this car running for about 5 months now. 95% of the time its been at 7lbs boost (had it at 14 for a week with a boost controller). Runs very strong, no issues. New alternator. No smoke, no noises, no leaks. Feel free to bring anyone along with you to inspect it, and feel free to do compression test.

    The outside has been repainted to 350z silverstone, and still has not been wetsanded yet. I will be tending to these things over the next few weeks. The paint was done at a local shop, and is a several layer base/clear paint job, with a very thick clear coat (should wetsand nicely). Door jams and inside of trunk are painted. Engine bay is flat black. If buyer wants I can provide you with the extra cans of paint left over (for touchups/more painting). Car will be sold with a set of S13 SE alloy wheels.

    The interior is mostly gutted, but I have almost all the parts still for anyone who wants them. Dash has no cracks. Good door panels. Carpet is black. S14 seats. S14 belts.

    The install is very straight foward and far from sloppy. Its been cleaned up a little and is now pretty decent. Wiring is solid, no problems. Power steering is still hooked up. The A/C condensor is still there, as is the firewall connections, drier, and some of the lines. I can get an A/C compressor and lines if needed. Good clutch, no tranny issues. Good silicone couplers and spring loaded clamps.


    Apexi N1 Single w/resonator
    Blitz BOV
    Electric Fan and thermostat relay
    Greddy 3" Downpipe
    Griffin SMC Radiator
    HPI Intercooler Kit
    Walboro 255l

    350z Silverstone Paint
    GT-R Style front grille
    Silvia Front End
    Chameleon Valve Cover

    Greddy Turbo Timer
    S14 seats

    Polybushing front TC's rods

    Im selling my car because im forced to reduce my garage size (moving from 2 cars to 1). Im sad to see it go, but, things change.

    The car needs someone with a little time to add the finishing touches. Wetsanding, window trim touchup, hook the fog lights up, etc. Would also recommend a suspension of some sorts, as the stock setup is not very good. As with everything its not perfect, but its honestly in pretty good shape.

    If I'm not required to hook up the A/C or wetsand the car, I will let it go for $6700 to the first buyer. It will go on ebay in about a week, and I know it will go quick. First dibs for locals and boards. Has clean title.

    Email me at:

    Live in Tampa near USF. name is Rob. Thanks!

    more pics possible coming soon. car will either come with the 2 front meshes and 2 SE alloys, or a full set of alloys...buyers choice.

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    Id just like to say, This guy is very honest and very cool..I just saw this car at D-Day on Saturday and its everything he says it is. Wish i had the money! good luck selling.


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      thankts for nice comment. TTT!


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        Good deal guys. Wish I had the cash.


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          you fukin ripped it at D-Day in tampa man kudos and why the hell are you sellin it?
          if you dont know who i am i was the guy puttin the GF210's (springs) on the grey 240 between runs. didnt get to talk to you i dont think but where did you get the old driver decal? that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* is pimp
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            thanks for the compliment man! all my friends know, i was hesitant about bringing it to d-day cause i was wanting to sell it. be just my luck that I'd take it there then it would have something go wrong, etc.

            but in all honesty, im more confident in selling it after taking it because of how well it did. during the course of the day, not one single problem. no overheating, turbo issues, nothing. ran like a champ for me.

            afterwards the oil is still crystal clear, still runs great, etc. a good buy for someone who wants a complete swap but doesnt want to end up with someone elses basketcase.