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FS: OHIO RX-7 FC, lots of mods, 372RWHP

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  • FS: OHIO RX-7 FC, lots of mods, 372RWHP

    Well, I can't believe I'm doing this, but my FC is for sale.

    There are a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* ton of mods, so many that I'll probably forget some, but that's what pictures are for. I'm open to the idea of parting it out if i get enough interest, but I'd rather just get rid of it all at once. MY EPIC LOSS IS YOUR GAIN! There's easily $10,000 in this car.

    I'm selling because I'm going in an entirely different direction, and I rarely get the chance to drive this car the way I'd like to. The car starts up and drives fine. It still pulls hard and has no known issues. Only thing it needs is new tires!

    ASKING PRICE: $5,000 obo, I'm a motivated seller!

    Super clean underneath. No rust under the drive or passenger floor, no rust on the front or rear subframe, no rust pretty much anywhere that I've found.

    86 base model, was gray I painted it brown.
    Did full S5 body conversion,
    It's missing the molding but I have all the pieces just not painted.
    Front/Rear S5 Bumpers
    S5 Front fenders
    S5 Tail lights

    Mostly Gutted
    Has good condition S5 Black dashboard and door panels
    Stock Seats and seatbelts
    Autometer Boost, Water Temp, And Oil Pressure Gauges

    New tie rod ends
    New Ball Joints
    Tokico Blue Shocks
    Tein Springs
    De-powered power steering rack (15:1 ratio or something like that, the tightest one)
    Rear steer Eliminators
    MMR delrin front LCA bushings
    TII sway bars
    5 lug all around
    TII brakes
    Ceramic Brake Pads
    Repacked Wheels Bearings up front
    ARP Wheels Studs up Front
    MB Motoring wheels, 17x9
    Needs new tires!

    S5 TII Tranny, 3rd gear misbehaves up sometimes, synchro is probably going bad
    Kevlar Clutch
    S5 TII flywheel
    S4 TII rearend
    Tomei 1.5 way LSD, only like 6,000 miles on it! Properly broken in
    Rebuilt Halfshafts

    Engine Internal:
    S5 TII rebuilt about 6000 miles ago
    Streetported Intake/Exhaust Ports
    New OEM apex seals and all new springs inside the engine
    FD Stat. gears
    New Rotor and Stat. Gear bearings
    Mazdatrix 125psi oil pressure regulator

    Two rebuilt/flow tested OEM 550cc primaries
    Two new marren 1680cc secondaries
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    New High Pressure rubber Fuel Lines
    New Fuel Filter

    Engine External:
    -AN Stainless braided oil cooler lines
    Koyo Radiator
    S5 TII Upper/Lower Intake manifolds
    Stainless exhaust Manifold
    Tial 44mm Wastegate
    Upgraded Turbo (see below)
    -AN Stainless Braided turbo feed and return lines (-4 feed, -10 return)
    Manual Boost Controller
    Stainless 3 Inch Downpipe
    Borla XR-1 (I think) pre-silencer, stainless, 3"
    Apex'i Catback, 3"
    Custom Front mount piping, 2.5" aluminum
    Silicone Couplers
    Ebay Intercooler
    Haltech E8 standalone ECU
    Tuned by defined autoworks!
    New NGK OEM Sparkplugs
    Upgraded Plug Wires
    big K&N intake Cone filter
    a REAL HKS Blow off valve
    Dual Alt. belt pulley
    Odyssey Mini Battery- Works Great!

    its an ITS brand T4 Turbo (a rebadged Garrett). I Don't know a lot about this turbo because I bought it used from a friend who I know put less than 2000 miles on it. Its roughly the size of a T04e. I will ask my friend for more details when I get the chance.

    It spools really nicely and hits full boost by 3500 RPM!

    Here is a dyno chart from when it made 360 wheel at 15psi on a dynapack. It later dyno'd at 372rwhp @ 13psi on a dynojet, but I don't have a digital version of that chart. Also, the car ran a 12.7 @117 with a terrible driver (me).

    And here's pictures:

    (yes, the radiator hose was touching the turbo. It's not like that anymore, it had the hose on there wrong)

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    Would you be interested in partin out the engine, tranny, wiring, ecu, drive shaft? How much?