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86 Chrysler Conquest TSi: 2.6 Liter turbo, rwd... Oregon ... finally got pics!

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  • 86 Chrysler Conquest TSi: 2.6 Liter turbo, rwd... Oregon ... finally got pics!

    Last time you'll see this post...

    I've got an 86 Chrysler Conquest. The car HAD a 16g on it, but the turbo grenaded. Right now, it doesn't have a turbo on it...The compressor turbine came off of the exhaust turbine's shaft, and the exhaust turbine came out the downpipe. The compressor turbine is trashed, but everything else on the turbo looks great.
    Comes with extra injectors, extra mass air sensor, and a few other things.
    The compressor housing has no marring or scratching on it, so it could be fixed with a rebuild kit.

    The car and motor have just over 100k on them. The car ran GREAT before the turbo went kapoot. It also has a racetep head on it, installed by the previous owner. The car was extremely quick from a roll. The car right now is running open downpipe (the exhaust was rusted to hell. You can have it with the car if you'd like). The cat was gutted by the previous owner.

    It has the LSD rear end, and is a TSI, so it's the widebody with IC. Interior is about 7/10. The back seat has a few tears in it, but the fronts look great, no rips. The interior could use a good detailing.

    Car has power mirrors, power windows, ac (belt off), tape/radio with equilizer, radio controls on steering wheel. It's red, and the body is in pretty good condition.

    Known problems: Clutch slips a bit, but still grabs. Needs a turbo (obviously) or rebuild kit. Body is a bit oxidized, but the paint still looks good (from what I can tell). Idles a bit rough, I'm almost 100% sure it needs injector clips.

    Right now that's all I can think of. Car has stock 16" wheels, with almost brand new Falken Ziexs on them ($400 set of tires)

    I'm taking offers right now. The car IS NOT DRIVABLE. It needs either a turbo rebuild kit (a little over $100) or a new turbo.

    I'm looking for either cash offers, or trades. Very open to trades, so tell me what you've got. I don't have any pics of the car, but I will try to get them. This would be a badass project car, or a very nice daily driver/cruiser. I'd hate to see the car get parted out, or used to finish another Starquest since it's in such good condition.

    Thanks guys. I'm located in The Dalles, Oregon.

    This car WILL get you noticed where ever you go. I've had people ask me if it's a porsche, if it's a delorean, and all sorts of other cars. Always have gotten compliments.

    No turbo =(

    Airdam damage =(

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    great car. I love Conquests. I had one before I sold it and got a 1g dsm


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