S13 And S14 Stuff for sale (also have Ae86 things,corolla,celica,civic stuff on the side)

Located in Long beach

These parts are from 2001-2002,Stored.
Ask for pictures and you shall get!!!...

S14 BRAND NEW exhaust from 2001, Made by JIC partnership company,Promo,Titanium on stainless,Hollow hangers,full race spec,Detachable muffler, - 950$
also have one for AE86,Except that one has solid hangers,Not hollow,2.5 inch,Detachble muffler,Titanium on stainless - 950$
White Rare S14 Navan Spoiler,3 pc, Brake light on wing! - 170$
Mist Grey Rare S14 Navan Spoiler,3 Pc, Brake light on wing! - 170$
S13 Rear trim for coupe (says "silvia")Mounts under lights - 90$
2 Sets/Complete s14 ,Left Tail light,Center Pc,Right Tail light - 130$ EACH
2 Sets of s14 Rear Tail lights,3pc, 100$ Each set
S13 Stock hatch tail lights - 45$ Each set ( have 3 sets)
S13 hatch garnish (240sx,not 180sx) 45$
S13 Coupe tail lights 45$
S13 SR20DET NISMO Copper Clutch kit 900$ (comes with Race flywheel,bearings,harware,clutch cover,clutch disk made with copper,Authentic and discontinued)
Uknown S13 or S14 Wiring in a box ( 90 bux...Looks interior chassi or harness/engine harness)
Many many Strut bars, r32 rear strut bar, RX7 FD strut bar, s13 or s14 maybe? have to check
JDM Z32 Damage but working MAF - 45 bux (Damage part is where it bolts too...You can grind all 4 corners and run a hose and clamp)
S13 JDM front bumper CLEAR lights - 45 used
RB20 Down pipe brand new - 100
49179 Turbo - 150$
Turbo Elbow For matching turbo^,brand new 70$
Skyline Calipers/rotors - 180$ OBO
1 Pc Nardi Subaru Steering wheel - 120$
Complete 4AGE Motor Swap - 4age motor,trans,Turbo manifold running n/a,ecu,harness,front harness,mid harness,rear,Gas tank,Maf,Radiator...1600$
T50 Clutch kit 21 SPLINE 32101-18070-60 150$
TRD Japan 21 Spline Clutch (not kit) - 120$ ( Never Installed,But Has scuffs due to it sitting on Shelf in my garage)
JDM fender mirrors for TE27 TA22 Celica Corolla 280$
Honda EG/DC/DB Seat Rail - 80$ (but i think its for passenger,japan driver)
1 BRIDE GX MX81 Seat Rail - Passenger side - 90$ Authentic BRIDE made japan.
S13 Tension Rods BNIB - 80$
2 Sets of S14 and 1 set of s15 Tension rods BNIB - 80$ each pair
S13/R32/C33/A31 SECTION RUCA's - 90$
S13 Looks like JIC magic RUCA's - 90$
HKB Sports Steering Spacer come with hardware and allen key 70$ Each have 2
S13 JDM Front bumper Lights CLEAR (used) 45$
4AGE ECU A/T - 50$
4AGE ECU - 60$
Hood pins? 25 bux
13" Wheels full set, Good for TE72? te27 te21 - 300$
Celica JDM TA22 Steering column ignition cover - 65$
Inital D TAIYO R/C Car "AE86 Trueno" 1983 1600GT APEX RC Car in Tube w Remote 100$
S13 Aftermarket Turbo down pipe - 70$
OEM Nissan SR20 Clutch kit Slightly used(Clutch cover,clutch,flywheel all attached to each other)100$
AE86 Burgandy Under column trimming/speaker trim - 20 bux
AE86 Climate Control Bezel W ash Tray - 20 bux
Window Regulator's AE86 30$ Each
Power Mirror Harness (plug-n-play for power mirror) 15$ for the Pair
TE Peanut Rear Window (w defroster) 200$
AE86 Rear coupe Window - 35$
Left AE86 Hatch Quarter panel window - 25$
3TC Motor Mounts - 50$
Early 2TC motor Mounts - 75$
KP61 STARLET Front PAIR of Struts With Springs,caliper,brakes.etc..150$