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WTB: 84-87 4A-ZGE (Hatch or Coupe) Corolla

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  • WTB: 84-87 4A-ZGE (Hatch or Coupe) Corolla

    Looking to trade some or all of my sound system from my show car to pick up a drift ready 84-87 4a-gze (supercharged) hachi (hatch or coupe). Also could be interested in GTS in excellent condition (don't care about dings or paint on either 4a-ge or 4a-gze)

    What I have, all mint, less than 1 month old, with warranties...

    ALPINE D-900 (DVD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, 7" Widescreen Motorized Screen, 1.14 million pixels...etc..etc..) for more info check out

    JL AUDIO 500/1 (500 watts RMS... actually more.... 1 channel for subs)

    JL AUDIO 300/4 (75 watts RMS per channel... actually more.... 4 channel for interior speakers)

    2 JL AUDIO 12w3v2 in box

    Diamond Audio 6 series components (6 1/2") with crossovers

    Diamond Audio 3 series coaxials (4")

    All wiring included (4 awg, distro blocks, Directional RCA's etc. and will install in most cars if semi close to me (No Lexus, BMW, MBZ please)

    Retail for all of this is about $4,700 but I know all of you don't give a f*ck what retail is because you probably have a hookup but I had to say it anyway.

    Help a drifter out... The car will be on the track with the quickness. Need to be at drift days. Gotta practice... can't drift my '03 WRX. hehehe. Email me at Thanks guys and gals! See you at Drift Day March 28th!
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    your gettin an 86?? NICE!

    good luck!~


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      u mean 4agze and good luck findin one in a car that some one wants to sell. gt-s are hard enough to get in good cond


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        dayam... oops


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          my friend in irvine i think is still selling his hachi.... umm his AIM sn is lnlydriver..... ill post some pics and specs of the car....


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            here's one 4AGZE that was on here a little while ago. i think he might still have it.



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              I have a corolla


              here are some of the pics