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How much did it cost to build your car?

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    So far I spent about $3,500 on parts alone on my current car (a large chunk of it was for my 6 speed trans which was about $2,000 total). But now I'm starting on a new project car and that adds another 3,500 to that. I'm going to be swapping over all the parts I have on my current car so total for the next car I guess would be about $7,000 if not more O_o I dont feel to bad about it though. Considering my car has more suspension then most race cars and D1 sponsored cars. Also because the motor for my next car has 425hp/459lbs


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      650 for my car when it wasnt running. cost less than 50 to get it running,

      more than 300$ worth of stuff at only 100$ spent in all...what a bargain.

      Rx-7s.....who said there's no hope of a non working engine at 201K miles?

      ha. wrong.


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        95 240sx SE: 4600
        fixing it after i ran into an old lady: 2600
        add that up yourself i'm tired.


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          By the end of project Celica, at least the end of what I can see so far, my guess will it will be about Over 10k. Not very much compared to some of you guys, but things for an 85 Celica come cheaply. : O
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            hahaha i just noticed this post. waaaaaaaaaay to much. i think im close to $13,000 in parts on my car. almost all performance parts with the exception of my carbon hood and my jdm headlights. here is my list.

            inital car price: 2002 subaru impreza wrx $21,000 +tax

            mod money: around $13k

            mod list.

            Turboxs UTEC
            Turboxs auxillry boost controller
            DMS 40 coilovers 30 pt damper adjustment with extra set of front stiffer springs for track days(also have stock struts and springs)
            carbon fiber hood
            jdm sti projector headlights
            Aps r-series fmic
            aps 50/50 bov
            trust intake
            brand new toyo tires
            prodrive mudflaps
            solid foglight covers
            hks downpipe
            godspeed uppipe
            blitz nur spec catback
            sti 565cc injectors
            walbro 255l fuel pump
            stoptech front and rear slotted rotors
            stoptech front and rear stainless braided brakelines
            motul brake fluid
            axis performance brake pads
            primitive racing front skid plate
            subaru rear diff protector
            blitz dtt dc turbo timer/ lap timer/ boost gauge
            autometer pro-comp boost gauge
            autometer pro-comp egt gauge
            westech egt probe and sender
            hotchkis front sway bar
            hotchkis rear adjustable sway bar
            hotchkis front and rear endlinks
            hotchkis rear heavy duty sway bar mount
            sti gnome replica grill
            ihi vf30 turbo
            vivid racing short shifter
            helix catch can
            all emblems and badges have been removed
            painted gunmetal rims

            oh yeah if anyone knows of anyone my car is up for sale.


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              hmmm. I'm not doing that bad. This is my 2nd corolla I've had for 10 months.

              t3 lateral rod: 130 (broke the stock one)
              body panels: 100
              LSD: 200 (broke the old one)
              axles: 200 (bent 2 this year)
              clutchnet 4 puck clutch: 250
              SS brake lines: 140
              exhaust: 220
              intake: 50
              High comp block: 200
              extra wheels: 75
              New transmission: 75 (broke the stock one)
              new master cyl: 50
              new rotors: 100
              advan wheels: 300
              Megnecor wires: 85
              Nardi wheel: 75
              Hub spacer: 60
              Mr2 ecu: 0
              mr2 dizzy: 0
              Labor: 0

              total: 3810 (if my math is on) Good thing I got some free parts here and there

              Car still has rust and looks like crap riding on cut springs and blown shocks in front. The good news is now it's ready for some suspension mods. Everything works so that is good

              Some may think I have put in too much for what I have. I'll put it like this. I love it, I live in FL (where GTS are impossible to find for sale) and... I love it. yeah

              Just a word to anyone wanting an AE86, they have quite a few "hidden" costs since they are so old.

              Ghetto 86:

              Like I said. GHETTO.


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                hey dont be hating on your own ride man you should see my buddys gts its covered in grime or was till i attacked it with the powerwasher and purple soap now it shinning he looked really sad after i did that though. be proud of that car its not ghetto its old school low tech son


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                  ok here is the list thus far...

                  ^^thats a pic of her without the exhaust and lookin like *Censored**Censored**Censored* lmao oh yeah no springs there either

                  here is the list thus far:
                  the POS its self: 1150
                  front lip: free (traded for a extra rear bumper)
                  oil pump: $50
                  fan clutch: $45
                  engine: $300 (the old one blew at the drift event in tampa)
                  Tanabe Springs: $1100(folloowing are included)
                  APEXi N1 Catback: "
                  Tanabe Rear Strut Bar: "
                  Cusco Front Strut Bar: "
                  Rear Struts: "
                  NGK Plugs: "
                  NGK Plug Wires: "
                  Rotora AXXIS Brake Pads: "
                  S14 Mesh Wheels: $250

                  And keep in mind now that this all happened in about a week and a half and i got the car about 3 weeks ago

                  soon to come:
                  5 speed conversion: 750
                  sr20 swap: 2400
                  custom roll cage: however much materials cost
                  just found out that i have an estimated 6k in suspension that is going to be done in about 3 months
                  various other stuff and i KNOW for a fact i will blow my engine again shortly

                  dont have any NEW pics of her but i will shortly like in about 3 or 4 days
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                    well for my beloved s-12 it cost me the grand total of nothing well it did caome with a blown engine that had no oil pressure it caught fire if you cranked it too long and smelled like nasty stank funk but i loved it till the engine blew through the hood that was something though good ol 20sx i will miss thee since its had sever structral dramge as well (my bad ) but im gonna post some pics of the death of s-12 soon it might come off as fillipant but i do miss my car


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                      heh Paid $2,500 for my stock S13... lookin to swap the engine for a SR20DET... that should be about 1,500 to 2,000... Few other mods im lookin to spend about 8 or 9 thousand...


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                        around of 5800 less to finish my ride...

                        and a few apc stickers . tha stickers rule couse they are like flamming stuff!!!


                        its getting hot in here...!!!


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                          I guess this is a good time to actually sit down and count how much money I spent on the car:
                          Initial parts 2nd day I got it from my dealer:

                          Apexi intake
                          AP Front Brake Rotors
                          Yokohama Neova's for the Front
                          Cusco Strut tower Bar
                          Blow-off valve cut
                          Defi Boost gauge
                          Yashio Factory Front Pipe
                          Yashio Factory Turbo outlet pipe
                          HKS Hipermax II
                          HKS EVC IV Boost Controller
                          Total: $4000

                          Later addons:
                          Nismo Fuel Pump w/adaptor $500
                          Nismo Catalyzer $700
                          Nismo Coppermix clutch w/flywheel $600
                          Nismo 550CC injectors $500
                          Endless Brake Pads $200
                          Z32 MAF w/Apexi racing suction kit $500
                          Yashio Factory Y can exhaust $150
                          Yashio Factory Manifold $800
                          Yashio Facotry Radiator $500
                          HKS GT-RS turbine $1500
                          Tomei Cams $650
                          Rocker Arm Stopper
                          Nismo Front and Rear Link Arms with bushings $1200

                          I guess the total is $12 thousand
                          DAMN No wonder I got no money !!!!

                          I paid 18 thou for the car initially it already had Apexi Head gasket, Greddy intercooler and an RSR exhaust. I swapped out the exhaust later down the road.

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                            Well lets see for my Sileighty I got the car for a 2jz I had laying around. It came with a ca1800det. Totaly crap Jic coilovers. Took the fronts off and threw them away and dropped in a set of Teins I had laying around.
                            Then I droped in a Blitz SBC Boost controler I had from My race car.
                            A tower bar from a wrecked 180.
                            Rear wing I got given to me.
                            A Jessy James 44 cal. Shifter nob that APC gave me for the rice effect.
                            A drift spin knob off the yahoo auction for $10.
                            A tanabe 4 inch exaust from a wrecked car.
                            The front clip off of a car this chick gave to me.
                            About $100 for the paint.
                            Oh and a dameno ningen sticker and some Espelier D1 speck lug nuts I got at the last U.S. D1 for helpin them out.
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                              so u got more stuff layin around?


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                                oh to reply to the older posts.... some shops are able to get the Neovas..... I don't think emission has been looking at this post....
                                I'm in about under 4 to get my FD running so I spent about 6000 to get a running FD =) w/ a clean title (supposedly)