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drifting with a 300zx

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  • drifting with a 300zx

    i have been trying to drift with my 300zx...but i can't do it.
    i posted this in the noob section and all i got was keep trying.

    can someone tell me a technic to use when drifitng with a 300zx (i tried the ones that are posted in sticky).?

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    What sort of modifications have you done to your car? Do you have a new suspension or anything that would change the aspect on how the car would perform during drifting or regular driving? If you dont have an LSD I suggest that you look for a lsd from a 300zx. It is realitivly harder to find one but it can save you lots of money. Here is a link if you need some more information.
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      Get up some speed, then turn crisply into the corner u are entering and yank that ebrake.. works every time for me


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        my Z is stock.

        Im not a person that is literate in mods. I don't even know what a LSD does?

        Ill try that Mrod


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          Mine is stock too for now.. but um yea u gotta get the weight atleast shifted before pulling the e brake or ull just keep going straight with the rear wheels locked since the z is a front heavy mother


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            I'm not a big Z32 or Z fan in general. But if I remember correctly, the Z32s had rear steering.(Like HICAS on some 240s) If so, that setup makes drifting even more difficult.(really difficult actually) Not to mention the heft of the car itself makes drifting harder.


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              Is it a Z31 or Z32? If it's a Z32, is it the Twin Turbo model? If it is, than mechaniac is right and they have HICAS. That makes your rear wheels turn for a better turning radius. Horrible for drifting. If it's a non-turbo, it doesn't have HICAS.

              As for drifting it, try getting on the gas comming to the exit of a corner. You will get to understand how the car feels when it starts to get sideway, plus you don't need to be going fast to get it to kick out. When you feel a little more comfortable, rip up the e-brake going into a turn, but only a little bit.


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                have you tried straight up clutch kicking it? also, those cars are very hard to drift because of the nature of them, they are very spin happy cars like supras and MR2s. prtly because their weight balance isnt the best for this sort of thing, and the suspension geometry wasnt terribly well setup for drift on a stock Z platform car. as well, OE struts that are 20 years old dont perform as well as they did in 1980-something. these are just acouple things i found out while drifting an 82 280zx...also, you must steer way in advance to your manuvar to help keep it from spinning. the ebrake works good as well. to get sideways around a nice 90 degree corner, coming in in fourth and heel and toe down to like 2nd works like a charm well, hope that helps, and good luck


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                  i think im gettin least i can get it side ways (alitte)...hahha
                  thanks guys


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                    Which Initial D character are you?

                    You are "the rock in the corner of one of Akina's hairpins"

                    You sit there all day long watching the world go by. Probably because you can't move. You can't wait until night time when the cool racers come flying down the hill because the hairpins are where Takumi usually wins a race.

                    If you were anymore worthless, you would be like the american kids paying more than 2k for a rusted 20 year old car that needs an arm and a leg to make operate like a normal car.


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                      It's true that TwinTurbo Z32's have Rear Steering (HICAS = HI Capacity Actively controlled Suspension) but the rear wheels will only turn up to ONE degree. Nothing that anyone would notice and should feel invisible. Also ALL z32's have LSD. Hope this helps.


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                        ALL z32's have a vlsd. and the tt's have that hicas. it shoudn't be that hard to get the tail-end out. you can do that in any rwd car. if you can't do that then you have some problems.


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                          all 300zxs come with an LSD. It's viscous but its better than nothing. Whats your problem? You an't get the tail out at all or you just spin out? its real easy to get sideways with an lsd.

                          you should try to begin with doing circles around a stationary object. Also practice doing J turns.