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Are the (old) Fairlady's and good drifters?

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    the 240Z also had a rare 5-speed manual
    No... the 5-speed was only available in the '76 280Z and on...
    that was RARE in 280Z's... BUT NOT IN 240Z's!!!

    but the 280Z is crap when compared to it earlier, lighter brothers
    Have some f*cking respect for some people's cars on this forum.
    No! the 280Z is not CRAP compared to the 240Z's... despite the heavier weight.. the 280Z's have the bigger engine.. and the EFI which is by far more reliable.

    So.. how is the 240Z truely that "great?" It's older.. and Lighter... is that it?

    The 280Z is SAFER especially in an even of an accident.... the 280Z is more powerful... the 280Z stock has a 5-speed in some versions.. the 280Z has real leather seats and not Vynal.. the 280Z is more luxiourious and more comfortable... the 280Z has EFI and not Carbs... .... the 280Z has front disc brakes.. not drums...

    grr... I can go on and on... please... don't even try.....


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      I don't think he meant that as a slam on someones car. I think he just stated his opinion in the wrong way. Yea his facts are a little off but I don't think he was trying to be mean.


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        I am not sure how good they are for drifting, I have taken my Z out to many track events, and its setup pretty well, 4.11 LSD, Rear Sway bar, Roll cage, close ratio gear box, high power motor, it jsut kinda lacks the right balance for drifting, its something about sitting on top of the rear wheels in that car that makes it seem strange... hmmm, but the car loves the canyons! Well I'll be at DD13 in it, see how it does, again, with some changes.


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          Hey Dave. Mr Slidesquad. Welcome to the forums. You won't remember me but I talked to you years ago when you were selling the Green machine about coming out there to buy it. You never called me back. Heh.

          I love your car. I think it's one of the best looking Z's I have ever seen. Glad that you are on here.


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            Originally posted by Ghost of Duluth
            I don't think he meant that as a slam on someones car. I think he just stated his opinion in the wrong way. Yea his facts are a little off but I don't think he was trying to be mean.

            yea, I didn't mean to offend you. and the 240Z did come with a 5-speed because I bought the haynes manual for the 240Z and it says the 240Z was offered with a 5-speed. are you going to argue with a internationally published book? the 280Z in stock form were a tad on the heavy side compared to the 240Z but generally light in todays terms. just because the 280Z has a bigger engine doesn't necessarily mean more power. and also you have to take in the power to weight ratio as well. keep cool.

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              my mistake! There was a 5-speed transmission available!
              Except ONLY in Europe.... so FairLady wise.. there was never a 240Z with a 5-speed transmission...IN JAPAN..... but in EUROPE there was a 5-speed available!

              Weird... but true.


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                that explains it. it is a haynes maual and they are made in the UK. but was I worng about them being rare? lol.



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                  I dare you to get me sideways! thats what it looks like its saying, am I right?


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                    that's fackin nice man. what happened to miss that site.


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                      man that is sweet ive always been a fan of the zg flares


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                        Those watanabes drive me wild!


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                          Very very pretty car. I would love a 240z. oh yeah and those watanabes... drool...

                          i'd love a set for my s13


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                            Is that like a matte black stealth finish or basecoating for a new color?

                            Props...Z power.


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                              yeah that is f-in nice!!good job on restoring/maintaining it. if only i cud find an ae86 in the same condition...


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                                Wow Dave!
                                What an awsome machine!!
                                I can only dream of a car like that..