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    Originally posted by GoukiS14
    that's dope..... man I wish cops were kinda like that here
    yeah its kinda hard when we are....#1 state for street racing...#1 state for imported and domestic made performance parts that can make cops look like fat lil donuts.... #1 state for industrial lots ...#1 state for soo many god damn tracks laguna seca , willowsprings, cali speedway ::drool:: .... #1 state for the biggest import shows/events...# 1 state for the most rice....#1 state for crazy *Censored**Censored**Censored* drivers....and so on and so on..... hmmm ... wow


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      Re: cops

      Originally posted by robtackett
      You need to find some little redneck no cop town and thats were its at, or on the track its whatever.
      Not gonna Happen in San Diego none the less in SoCal unless u go to the dessert where u risk overheating to the 110* heat in the warm months. Hell it was bout 95* at my work in esco the other day.


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        Re: cops

        Originally posted by robtackett
        the cops were we drift at came and watched us. The town we do it in is little and we do it in an industrial area late at night. In that town that late there is like three cops. I know all of them by name and one hangs out with us on those nights if there isn't anything going on. He says we are stupid but he always likes watching go figure. You need to find some little redneck no cop town and thats were its at, or on the track its whatever.
        Youre not drifting the General Lee are you?...

        The redneck cops in my area.. are a Little TOOOO redneck for my non-caucasion *Censored**Censored**Censored* to feel safe.

        Stay Sideways!


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          hey im in so cali and am going to live in hawaii in like 5 months...does anyone or has anyone heard of heightened cop activity over there? i know there arent many drifters from the islands but there are a few here.

          But bringing up an older topic...i THINK (my opinion! lol) that the cops are slightly justified for their heightened strict-ness ecause of CA's reputation BUT!...its like some of them have nothin better to do than to bust kids havin fun wit thier cars (well maybe not all kids but thats what i am!)


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            ...way I see it, Cops is just protecting our sorry asses. I'd make a fair estimate that damn near all of them dont know what drifting is until they pull someone over in the act. most of these guys are at the least 5-10 years older than the people that are getting into drifting. they really didnt see it when they grew up. you know when they were kids they were doing brake stands and smoking tires in parking lots and thats probably what they figure is going on. they just dont want to see you plastered into a light in a parking lot. or a barrier on the Highway.

            Personally I feel it very ignorant and dangerous for anyone to attempt drifting on public streets when bystanders are near by... its irresponsible. I dont care how good someone is at Drifting (or any motorsport for that matter) **** happens. there might be an oil spot somewhere that you dont see, or someone jumping out from between cars. or someone switching lanes in front of you. you cant control everything. Take it to a parking lot, or at least a street that inst surrounded by houses, or witnesses to call the 5-0...

            As for the Brian O'Connells out there, I'm Suprised this hasnt happened sooner. hell, i'd make a fair bet some cop somewhere is looking at the Meets board waiting for one near him to look good in front of his boss.

            and as far as SoCal goes for all the B.S., Life's tough, get permission in a private parking lot. I've had the Phoenix cops look under my hood 4 times now wondering what that chrome bar attached to my struts was. i just say 'eh, i want to make my car a show car and got them for free. i want to chrome everything else out too, the shocks and springs? my buddy said they would make my car look nicer. the tires? they came with the wheels i got... and so on'
            usually that gets rid of them from peeking into my dirty engine bay. if you have to, play idiot rice boy and say you saw it in the movies and wanted it on your car. that it isnt even fast enough to street race. with the condition my Shell is in right now, they believe it. I've heard from some of the dragracers ive met that if i want to get in with the drifters down here i gotta find them. and its a lot harder to spot them. they arent as flashy as the 1/4 mile guys...

            I havent found them yet, and i just keep practicing by myself on closed roads and parking lots. i'm sure i'm bound to run into one eventually...

            I dont even bother asking where people meet, I usually just cruise to the fast food places checking out the cars... when they leave for a race i can tell if it'll be a good one if they wait and warm up their cars, someone that cares about not blowing their motor lets it warm up before taking off to the race, instead of speeding off with the tires smoking out of the lot.

            ^damn that was a lot more of a rant then I expected...


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              I thought this was allready covered on this site but thanks for the heads up. Good lookin out.

              I'd go on to emphasize denying knowledge of drift spots to everyone who isn't drifting. If they're not doing it they don't need to know where its done, simple as that.


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                Originally posted by nightracer
                If they're not doing it they don't need to know where its done, simple as that.


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                  Originally posted by Freeway
                  they arent as flashy as the 1/4 mile guys...
                  haha I dunno bout that...ive seen some hatch corollas wit some prett crazy paint jobz on them!


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                    well my tales arnt realy as flash as yours but here they are

                    1 my good freind got pulled over bue to fast speed of the lights not speeding in a 600cc smart car auto stock had her car cheched and tested for being drunk and now see has to go down to the staion and let them check her papers

                    2 my freind's dad got pulled over for going 4mph UNDER the limmit now that just wrong

                    ive not been pulled over yet as i try to stay out the way of the law. but in the UK the cops have to meet a setant amout of fine's per month and such plus speed camras in both vans and/or on poll's. still the new one's show up with a smilly face if your going at the right speed and a unhappy face with your speed if you speeding with out giving you a fine so there lot's of fun


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                      I know all about the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* outback law enforcement agencies , I live in North Carolina where the state troopers act like the SS and are not above breaking your windshield to get you to yell to haul you in so they can get a assault charge on you and impound your car and the sheriffs will go to where people meet and put bets down but if they lose you go to jail it sucks around here i live 40 miles from rocking ham and they were going to reopen the infield road racing course up but they just might close the whole place so its getting even harder to do anything with cars unless its 1/4 mile or lowrider crap man it sucks here


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                        Hey freeway, where in Phoenix do you practice exactly? I live near Phoenix too.


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                          driftersil80 an' freeway i'm in mesa and work in chandler. post if you ever want to check out all of everybodys cars. maybe hang around the shop i work at. if you all want to meet in chandler i know like all the cops( they try to arrest my boss regularly). they all like me cause i'm nice to them. i do agree that the hp suck for being *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*. the only one i ever got pulled over by about drug me out my pass window of my truck. if youre reading this hp KISS IT!!!!!


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                            Probably not the best thread to put my first post, but anyway:

                            Hi! First post Anyway, I'm a Floridian 16 year old gearing up (bad pun) to get my first car. I'm thinking 240 S13 91-93 and putting either SR20 or RB25 in, but nothing right now. But that doesn't really matter for this post. My question is is drifting illegal? It's probably a stupid question, but what would said cops be 'busting' you guys for? Having fast, manuverable cars? I know street racing is illegal, but if you are on public property with nobody around is it illegal?


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                              no the cops around here bust you for having a car thats nicer than theirs and tires with tread one them and less dents and that was after i let my sister slide the car around boy that quater panel isnt ever going to be the same again


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                                Yo Hirolla, SRRY DUDE I live WAY far from you.....down in Anthem lol. But, do you know anywhere near Scottsdale or Phoenix where all the drifters chill?