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  • I didn't mean become puppets of the authority. People have to earn my respect, and being in power alone doesn't do that. What I meant was just don't be a jerk to people unless they're being jerks themselves. You can stand up for yourself and not take b/s and at the same time be nice about it.


    • Re: cali cops

      Originally posted by PandaFD3S
      hehe no no no

      ..california cops get cameros, a little souped up.nothing major

      i have a friend that knew the guy who souped them all up........

      there fast enough to stupid ricers n such, but if your a tricky

      driver and crazy enough to try and get away, its not impossible

      Those camaros weren't originally released to deal with us, they were released for dealing with truckers, the 5 and the Vegas run. You can't outrun the radio............don't let the news get whiff of a pursuit involving you, they won't let go with the cameras rolling......

      PS - sorry noodle, didn't see your post until after I posted


      • "Ya can't outrun a Motorola"-Elwood Blues


        • Originally posted by nissanguy_24
          The germans were suposed to respect the SS with out question.
          hey man lay off the Germans jk jk


          • hey i love my german brothers, they have nice automobiles, but we have to learn from the mistakes they and others have made, as i am sure they have learned.