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    and Im assuming thats you looking like jadakiss with the rec-specs on on the front page haha..


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      LOL not really JDM.. just different. Im the only boy on base with pink wheels lol..

      hahah Jadakiss.. I have not heard that before lol.

      Yes sir AFB stands for Air Force Base


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        lol pink rims.. so change Jadakiss to Cam'ron.. thanks for the help.. you'll hear/see me around


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          Originally posted by TriStateDrift View Post
          100+!? honestly I never heard of anything over 75-80.. that's surprising to me..

          200km = 125mph btw. and for future reference...
          80km =~50mph
          so 160km = 100mph

          and yes. seat time for at least 2 years is going to be needed before you can realistically think of competiting as a pro. and 2 years would be pretty quick.
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            thanks for all the help guys... as long as it's a possibility for someday.. watching the youtube video now... good looks


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              Tighten e brake cables or buy a hydro.....

              If you can't brake drift or feint, learn.

              Clutch kick is BORING to do over and over and over again without any other techniques....

              Feint will make a man out of you.


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                Is that when you turn a little one way and then swing it the other and throw the back out like that?


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                  yea that's it... its called the American Flick or something like that hahah jk.

                  drift bible.. buy it now lol...or just go youtube.


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                    I guess I'll be studying those until the next event.. I just have to be on the track to try new things... I've tried flicking it on this one (wide deserted) road and I 180'd a couple times.. definitely a track thing.. and way easier with speed(speaking from no experience lol just assuming from the concept)
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                      scandinavian flick is the term; (or feint) is the based on weight transfer. it will make your initiations more 'snappy' than just a clutch kick and much more than just ebrake. by snappy i mean ... how quick your car changes from being straight, to being sideways...

                      as you watch videos you will see some people just gradually build angle as they start drifting and others 'snap' into the angle almost instantly. that snap is a pro technique and requires much more on point control and very good reaction speed from a driver. don't get too caught up in snappy initiations (especially just starting out), because the more broad a turn is, the amount of speed before it, how long the turn lasts, what the next turn is... all play a part in how much angle is possible to throw at it without sacrificing speed/line to do it.

                      learning the balance of line, speed, and angle is the real key to drifting.


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                        ^^ Amens brother


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                          @boxmod...this isn't being d*ck.. this is a real question.. whats your experience drifting like how much seat time/ do you drive in competition yet?


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                            just because you seem very knowledgeable..


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                              I think he just played alot of Grid or something lol jk.

                              Also Tri... unless you are inside of a build/video/picture thread.. double posting ( posting back to back) is not acceptable pretty much forum.. post your ideas all in one box, easier to follow.


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                                hmmm... well my actual name is Jason Jiovani and I have played GRID yep, and this...

                                us drift nationals 2006 (3rd place; my first tandem and first non-oval course in my car ever. video on my youtube below), proam finals 2006, NOPI drift 2007 (whole season- bestt single event 5th place),

                                2008 refreshed car this year and I was a NOPI drifting judge, just practice events, few demos.

                                2009>> 1st ProAm Tampa, 2nd ProAm Atlanta, 14th D1GP USA Miami (lost to D1 ace...Yoshioka), 1st Florida rnd 2, demos for stunt wars, spring break demo for "destination daytona", demos for ter-tech, demos for Indy Racing League, demo in Aruba, demo for NSCRA, numerous practice events.... but im still stuck in FL

                                was eligible for FD this year, but the financial gods and godesses didn't think it was time.

                                oh yea, all of that is with a t25 powered, 230hp SR'd s13 hatch. ive now finally ditched that and am about to drop in a LS1/t56 swap.

                                my current (all legit) sponsors are:
                                Nexen Tires
                                Exedy Clutches
                                K Sport Suspension
                                XXR Wheels
                                Extreme Dimensions
                                RedLine Oils
                                E3 Spark Plugs
                                Improved Racing
                                R&B Autobody
                                All American Performance (car shop)

                       -most recent from 2009


                                But don't get me wrong, GRID is fun.
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