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  • I Clutch-Kick Every Corner...

    Is this bad... My 3sh*ttyZ(jk I love my 350) doesn't have any low end power and chokes out high(like 5500rpm) oh and did I mention I have no e-brake strength.. I drift daily tho... but (given the conditions) I can only clutch-kick... SO THE QUESTION IS.. In an official competition would it be possible to clutch-kick every corner? I've only drifted on the street(yes.. real drifts.. no not powerslides.)

    All of these => () are just to avoid unneccessary commenting... like when someone would say drifting on the street is for a**holes I go..(where I live/go to school there is NO where to drift except the street and small parking lots in the off season.. I do it responsibly though where in the WORST CASE scenario I am just going over a curb into grass..done it 3 times..embarassing when I'm getting my car towed off your lawn haha BUT... (honestly) no damage to anyone/thing but my car and a little chip in the curb(my legacy))

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    your question itself shows that you have a low understanding of drifting in general on a real course. please go save some money to travel to a REAL event and actually learn something useful. im not being a d!ck, but you are basically asking about re-initiating drift several times in a given course, where if you lose drift in a competition you are going to get a VERY low, if not 0 score. There are mid-drift clutch kicks, but from the way you state the question, it doesn't seem thats what you are referring to anyways.


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      Drifting on the street is ILLEGAL, that is why you will get what you call "unneccessary commenting". It's against the law, and posting that on such forums is completely stupid.

      And you sound like you have a ton to learn. I'm sure you can find a way to clutch kick every corner in a competition, but trust me you will want to use the ebrake sometimes.


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        It's not bad...for hachi-roku guys... you are not developing as a driver using the same old trick over and over.

        I just recently drifted a auto NA SR20 Silvia full lock side to side.. Im sure your 350 could do better than that. Furthermore that Vq has lots of low end tq bro. Your suspension setup could be in question...

        I’m not one to damn you to death for street drifting.. but.... trust me... I highly doubt if you are a normal person, you are nowhere near the speeds/angle/g's you can achieve on the track..

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          BigGame thank you... yea man I've only gone thirty to MAYBE forty.. I know it's slow but I personally feel like its better than nothing... and yea where I'm from drifting isn't nearly like ANYWHERE else in the country.. we don't have open events every day like in Cali.. drifter x.. I do have a ton to learn...thats why I'm asking questions.. drifters in NY are about 1 in every 100000 people so I come here for help.. and Boxmod.. I really have no understanding of "real" track drifting.. but Ive only seen track drifting on the internet and ONE track in person(englishtown) I just assumed there's tracks where you have to re-initiate a drift.. I saw that in qualifying on SPEED network or something... I mean now that I have money to travel this season I'm going every week but up until now I'm very unrefined... and biggame yea if I whip out the back I can lock up the brakes but its (due to my inexperience) too unpredictable.
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            my car bogs low end and up top.. normally the vq would have a lot of torque I know.. my car is shot.. but its all I have.


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              no prob... check out these dudes.. they are close to you


              what happen to your engine?
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                re-initiations would not be in a competitive course unless its driver error. sometimes demo/show off runs are done on un-linkable turn sections and they straighten up.

                nothing wrong with englishtown, goto club loose when they rock the parking lot and drive that. dont worry about competition for a while. worry about getting skill and learning. also, typically, a competition will have the first turn at AT LEAST 60mph and up to 100mph+.


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                  ahh yea clubloose another good spot.. im on both forums Tri. lots of help on both sites. In this world.. networking is key.


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                    thanks BigGame.. its about a 3hrs drive there but Ill definitely look into it... thanks for thank(sincerely).. ok big question.. barring the fact that it is illegal to drift on the street.. would you wait 2 months for open events if you were me or would you continue to practice low speed clutch-kicks.. because I don't want to develop "unbreakable" bad habits like kids that play street ball there whole life.. are way nicer than the pros... but never go pro because they are uncoachable or whatever other bad on-court habits they developed... I just feel like I'm going to be better off practicing/ than not? whats your take on this issue..


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                      yea thats where I'm going with all of this.. me and my boy are going to start going to club looses beginners events(and the real ones but to watch/learn).. so Im trying to figure out what I'm going to do... I might put in a k-sport hydro e-brake.. mine sucks(I already tightened the cable)... I just heard from people that if your going to end up doing ANYTHING with the sport you have to start asap.. so I did lol... I have this vision of drifting taking off in popularity real soon.. and I didn't want to take my chances on not doing anything with it and then be the worst out there... 100+!? honestly I never heard of anything over 75-80.. that's surprising to me..


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                        Street drifting..... just forget about it bro. For one you should never discuss it on public forums.. many law officials browse them.

                        I personally was a "street drifter" for the first 3 years of ownership of my 240sx......... I learned more in one day at the track than three years of trying to drift on the street.

                        I recommend filling in the gaps with auto-x events. Don't go there to drift... go there to learn/enhance your car control.

                        for your e-brake, adjust the cable and upgrade your pads.
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                          good sh*t man.. an honest answer from everyone and all helpful things... last question big game or boxmod.. how hard is it to advance through the ranks like maybe one day some type of pro? I played basketball my whole life I played college ball Im not one of those people that jumps into something like I'm going pro tommorow.. its actually quite the opposite.. I know in Indy cars its "impossible" to go pro unless you started karting at like 10 or something along those lines.. is it like that in drifting? .. Im about to be 21 am I past the "its possible to go pro one day age" lol I just do it for fun.. but as with anything.. I just was wondering about the possibilities of advancement..
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                            Well we all learned goal planning in grade school... set short term goals accomplish those and move one. Becoming a pro at anything just doesn’t happen. I was one level away from pro football myself. Things didn’t go my way though in college.

                            You, myself and others have a lot of seat time to log in order to come close to the pro guys. Seat time and natural ability to adapt to your( in general terms ) situation is what separates people in drifting and all other motorsports and beyond.


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                              thanks BG.. you've been real helpful.. but whats good with the pink power ranger.. is that like the JDMest thing out lol.. I see your in Japan.. good sh*t.. drifting while supporting the country.. kill 2 birds with one stone..(AFB does stand for air force base right lol)