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Help! looking for a drift track layouts

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  • Help! looking for a drift track layouts

    I'm looking to rent a parking lot in my area but I need to see layouts to see what size I need, I have cones, and a few parking lots available but still have never been to a organized event to see a layout but will be at BeaverRun in 2 weeks. Please give me a link.

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    hi, how much do u think it would cost u to rent a parking lot? if it's reasonable then i might rent one too and practice.


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      I just ask, most of the time, depending on the lot, if I were you I would do some research on SCCA boards they are the masters of this stuff,


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        I have a restaraunt & janitorial supply business and have many customers with large fenced in lots. Were going to try the parking lots this weekend. If it works out and they are interested we will open this up to other drifters to practice, but we will need to get event insurance and probably permits and an ambulance on duty depending on how many people we open it up to.
        It sucks to be outside of Philly. Its an hour from Englishtown and there are no closer tracks available.

        Someone please open a drift park like they have in Japan.


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          Im kinda confused, you know they have drift events at Englishtown, which are more or less practice events?

          Renting Parking lots, can be exspensive, depending on were it is. You do have to have at least one EMT on site, they run $75-100/hr and you might need fire-fighting personel, not sure. Permits, depend on Cherry-Hill, and knowing your town probably. Now the worst part, Insurence is radiculasly exspensive, so exspensive you probably couldn't afford it. I heard its 10s of thousands a year.


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            I was looking at a lot in Berlin or Columbus. If I opened the lot to strangers not just the three of us I believe we would need the insurance and medical staff. I'm just going to work renting a place for a few hours and get some practice for now.


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              Ok, well if you decide to put something together, let me know I will drop by and take some snapshots.