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FWD "Sliding" haha

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  • FWD "Sliding" haha

    So I saw my friend pull off a FWD slide by pulling his hand brake and sliding his car. So it made me think about if there was any other ways to "drift" or slide a FWD car? I was trying to see if brake drifting would work but since its a FWD it changes everything...

    Haha so any ideas?

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    There is a way to do it without the E-brake. It's called "lift-off oversteer". It was discovered by some Finnish rally drivers when some car companies in the WRC (World Rally Championship) used FWD cars (Citroen, VW, Honda, and Ford to name a few) instead of AWD/4WD cars (like the famous Evos and Imprezas). This "lift-off oversteer" relies heavily on weight transfer. I will describe the sequence and provide a couple links for you to look at.
    1.) Charge into upcoming turn; 20mph won't cut it.
    2.) Cut the wheel to unsettle the car and then IMMEDIATELY let off the gas. When you let off the gas the weight shifts to the front tires, leaving the rear tires light. If you want, you could also tap the brake pedal for added weight transfer, but don't add too much or you'll be going too slow.
    3.) If you timed it right you will feel the rear end break loose and you will be oversteering! Counter-steer so that your front wheels follow the same line as if you didn't oversteer. It's like your front wheels never noticed your rear wheels sliding and kept in the line.
    4.) Since FWD means that the front wheels steer and do the driving, the rear wheels will fall in line with the front wheels when you touch the gas again. However, keep in mind that if keep counter-steering and nail the gas you're going to fishtail. Make sure you turn the wheels back to straight or turned into the corner so that your rear wheels will fall in the same line your front wheels are going.

    Drive smart and responsibly, and have fun!

    Driver's Republic:

    Drift Japan (E-brake drifting for long continuous slides):
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      i would also like to add if the car is stick, try to hold the clutch while in the slide, you want the front tires to be free spinning away from the tranny till you straightin out and need traction. if your counter steering while hitting the gas, as soon as your front tires gain traction they will move you in the direction that the tires are pointed.


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        No. Go away.