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    Originally posted by Seyath
    Sorry if I vented out Hachi Kid. It's just that in NY there are only ricers in the streets (or so it seems) and anytime I do something to one of my cars everyone seems to either think I am one of them or that I am a weirdo for working on cars like my '94 Maxima, '88 Cordia Turbo and the '81 Corolla. It just felt like a blow to receive the same treatment in the Forums. I guess I just took it too hard. Yes, I did check out your links but unfortunately they did not have any parts for that year Corolla. I guess I'll have to call Tanabe tomorrow personally and ask them.
    Thanks for your help everyone!!!

    thans no problem man, I can understand how you feel. I feel the same way when people learn I like drifting. it's no problem, I wasn't mad.



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      Yeah somtimes people can be pretty insensitive to people new to the board. Everybody is so paranoid about ricers that when somebody asks an honest question that sometimes they get flamed. I hope you can find some parts for it cause you really have a different-looking car that will stand out amongst all the civics and 240s.