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Braking Drift how-to (and why it works)

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    Originally posted by atlantian View Post
    Actually, in my opinion, it is a good idea to head over to a go-kart track and practice racing there.

    In fact, I am currently doing a school(senior) project on automotive racing, and I am going to do this "track day" thing with my friends(to save money by splitting the bill). I am saving up for a 911 SC or 3.2 ('80-'85). I am only 4k short of 18k.

    My friend took me out karting, which I thought was a joke, because I had previously thought that karts were merely toys. I was proven very wrong. The karts were fast and responsive, a lot of driver feedback.
    OMG your back!!!

    Hell Yes!


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      yes I am. After a long leave of absence.

      And by the way, isn't that kind of off topic from "brakes"?


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        ive practiced drifting for a while now and the only thing i have trouble with is to keep up with a continous drift i spin out after the third curve and i dont know if its because i use to much brake or because i dont stir on time.


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          two words scandanavian flick!!!!


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            The other cool thing about a braking drift is that your car can enter turns waay faster than everyone else, because you are braking. Contrary to what the D-1 judges say, I would say that the braking drift is the only "correct" way to enter a turn. In virtually all types of racing braking into a turn is the norm. It is the proper way to obtain maximum speed into and out of a turn. It is a myth that your car will be faster if you do not brake into a turn, it will actually be slower. If your braking is timed just right, you will also be able to exit the turn faster too because at just the right time, you can get back on the full throttle, thereby shifting the force to the rear tires and thus pulling your car out of the turn at the maximum speed possible (while also putting on quite a smoke show).


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              Originally posted by Scott View Post
              try watchin drift bible.
              Everynight with my milk and cookies, its my bedtime story.


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                Originally posted by mechaniac View Post
                someone will want to buy you a hooker too,

                So all i need to do is learn how to brake drift (i like to feint and clutch kick b/c it works for me, i can't brake drift) and people will want to buy me a hooker?

                I'm in.


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                  You have to be able to pull off 90 brake entries to get someone to sweat you that much.


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                    Originally posted by mechaniac View Post
                    ... The guys in D1 are so skilled at this that their computers compute the throttle going to the rear wheels at a rate much faster than your car. That is why you must buy a Power FC, and teach your car to compute fast. It is actually easy to teach yourself to coordinate your right and left hand to coordinate together, but much harder to make our car compute like the Japanese people's cars. ...

                    I have really been trying, but teaching the Power FC is the most difficult part. I first thought that the best way of teaching Mr. PFC would be through positive reinforcement. I tried saying "Good job" and "Atta boy!" when I thought he was computing pretty good, but he never improved. Next I thought I could fix him a nice electron treat. But I soon discovered that keeping the electrons together in a cupcake was darn near impossible.

                    I decided that negative reinforcement might be needed in this case, so anytime I spin out from Mr. PFC not computing fast enough, I hook his power in backwards. I am pretty sure this is going to work, he passes out when I do this. How have you guys been teaching your Power FC?

                    And you say that it is easier to coordinate your left and right hands together. To this I say, "Fiddlesticks!" When I am trying to turn left, my left hand will go left but my right hand will sometimes go right. Sometimes when I go to turn right I punch myself in the face.

                    But soon my Power FC will be smart enough, and it won't matter.. he will compute so fast that my rear wheel speed will be enough to overtake a D1 master!
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                      sick but my car is still crap!

                      cool thread this info give me even more insperation now i just need to fix my damn car!


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                        If you are so low that the tires rub the unibody above the wheels, you'll lock up the front.

                        SCARY ish

                        If you are able to recover from it you'll laugh about it.

                        My ish is too low. I'll shed a tear for every turn of my coilover coils. Function before fashion pwns me.

                        Language is scensored on a drifting forum? We're all grown ups....i hope. Old enough to have a license, old enough to say the "s" word.


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                          Wow, this is really helpful. It's pretty cool knowing why some of the stuff works instead of just being like... this works, I don't know why but it does.


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                            Thanks for the post, I tried it at grange and added it to my arsenal of techniques. It seems like most drifters don't use it b/c it looks "slow" while doing the drift though.


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                              so my DC is a stock AE86 sr5, is this doable with 90hp? i want to send it but i don't want to die lmfao