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Drifting a SC300 or SC400

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    RESPoNEd dam u, just kidding. I think i like these cars to much


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      Originally posted by DriftingNewbie
      .......could i (in the future) Yank the stock motor out, and rebuild it with some stronger componits and some lower compression pistons, new head gasket, ect and then add a turbo and drop it back in? I personaly dont see why you couldn't and why it wouldn't work. It would be just like adding a turbo.
      The Best way

      Originally posted by DriftingNewbie
      Also, I think that the computer would be thrown off alot. Is there any companys that could take care of this problem? could i get it reprogramed somewhere? or could (feel like a nOOb asking this) I find a company that sells ECUs for the supra tt (with turbo conersions) and put that in the car to manage the motor?

      Thanks alot for the help guys. And Driftgirl, Sent you a pm did you get it?
      Every ECU company makes an application for the Supra... This wont be a problem

      Catching up on PMs....I'll drop yoo a line


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        hello been a long time since ive posted here.

        The diff between GET and GTE......the GE-T is popular to the sc300 platform meaning you have turbo'd a NA 2j. Same thing with KA engines from 240's. the GTE is toyota's stock designator on a turbo'd motor comming from the plant.

        so since we dont have native soarers.... it is safe to assume that a GTE swap is comming from a JDM car and a GE-T or GET is an upgrade to an existing NA application.

        for clarity it should be spelled out or use chassis number to take out the guess work.

        I am late in the game on this post...went from my 240 to the sc300 and noticed off the bat that i needed the lsd and the cars characteristics of gripping vice giving up the slide we definately something to get used to.

        it took me....i little bit to get use to tossing the car around like the 240.

        i went from drifting my 240 to a q45 to the sc300....i have to say the q was easier.....though it felt like drifting a school bus.

        with the bigger cars i tend to handle them a bit less aggressive than the smaller counterpart for obvious reasons(runnin out of street)....but it all lies in the drivers comfort level.

        if you are uncomfortable with the may set you back.


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          Ok guys, here is another one for ya.

          I have been told that the steering angle on the sc300/400 is horrible and is very...non good angle. Ive read in a few places that you can swap the components from a lexus LS into the sc and will get a much better steering angle. So here are the questions: 1. Has anyone had any problems drifting the sc w/ stock steering components (do you find that you cant get the angle you really want) 2. Has anyone done this swap or heard any more information on it? Thanks, and sorry if the questions aren't clear enough.
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            stock steering angle is fine... (Up front I use 9J-18inch wheels with about +25 offset wrapped in 225/40 tires and steering angle has never been a problem.) The big thing to remember with this car is it slides too easy... sometimes slides too far or slides too long... mainly due to weight and being so long. Once you overcome/get used to the weight you can actually use it to your benefit. If your fixated on steering angle this clearly is the wrong car for you .... adapt and overcome this desire and you will be ok. Try doing it on stock steering and see for yourself. All my suspension components aside from the coilovers are stock. If you can fit it with a rollcage and some sway bars thats all you should need to get going... not necessary from the start but they can help along the way. hope some of this helps
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              Greetings. I acually came across this site looking for a short throw shifter for the R154 trans i am currently placing in my car. Just for the record i own a Royal Saphire Pearl 1997 SC400. I am doing a Manual Trans conversion and already have a full manifold back exhaust and a modified intake (Known as a BFI in Aus.) I have already bought many of the parts for my Twin turbo system but have to finish the manifolds, parts of the fuel system, and engine management.

              The biggest thing i would like to point out is a big misunderstanding about the weight of the SC300 vs SC400. we will use my year SC400 as a comparison. in 1997 the SC300 5spd was the lightest of any version of the SC3/4 platform. weighing in at a curb weigh of 3538 lbs. Add an automatic and other options and the weigh ran up around 3680lb range. On the other hand. there is the SC400, packing a factory curb weight of 3605lbs WITH the A341E automatic (only trans offered) it was not much heavier than the SC300 5spd. Secondly. the only real options on the car didnt add much more than 20-30lbs on the car since it came fully loaded.

              Main reason WHY the SC400 weighs almsot as much as the SC300 5spd you ask? its that Beautiful 1UZ-FE 4/0L DOHC V8 sitting under the hood. the 1uz-fe is Toyotas singe most over-engineered engine hands down. weighing in at 357lbs in full trim, it has a major weight advantage over the 2jz-ge found in the SC300 in the neighborhood of around 100lbs. Not to mention the center of gravity is shifted further behind the front Crossmember because the 1uzfe is a much shorter engine. This also aids to its handeling charectoristics. I wont get into what you can do with a 1uz-fe as far as performance because the options are endless. But here are a couple of very informative websites on the engine if you are interested. and

              Finally, For the fun of it. My car

              Oh and what can be done with a UZ V8 engine


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                ............. iono people that dont know how to drift or suck at driving in general shouldnt give opinions on cars they dont own anyways. i drove the ae86 for 5 years and switched to my sc to be more competitive in pro am competitions. big power, big tires, lots of smoke watch my videos btw im an instructor too.




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                  My soarer

                  Hi guys I'm new to this site and after reading this thread I thought I would tell you a bit about my soarer.

                  I live in Queensland Australia, and our import laws let us import cars direct from jap-land. So mine is actually a genuine jzz30 5 speed soarer not an sc300 like you guys in the states have.

                  Heres a pic

                  Anyway its got an internally standard 1jz with a Greddy T78-33d turbo, hks manifold and 55mm external gate, intercooler, 5zigen exhaust, sard 850cc injectors, kaaz 2-way lsd, tein coilovers and a link plus ecu (heaps of other bits too just getting over writing about it).

                  It makes 370kw or roughly 500 hp.

                  Yeah its a little laggy (read: hits boost at 5000 rpm) but ya just give it a good clutch and let it bang the limiter and your away haha.
                  But when it had the stock twin turbos on it it was very responsive and very easy to drift. They are great cars and you dont have to do much to them to turn em into absolute tyre fryin drift machines.

                  Anyway hope ya enjoy it.


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                    check out these vid's, this was all done on stock motor, stock 5-spd, coilovers, stock angle, and welded diff. You don't need anything to drift this car, I started with stock suspension and was able to mangi at 60+, I did rock the open dif for the last video, also this car is crazy, I love it, it is the most reliable drift car ever!! the things that will happen when you drift this car are, the power steering is not meant to be at 7000RPM for 5 minutes straight going full lock to lock, a power steering cooler is a must if you plan on drifting. The other thing is the car is under powered which means nothing but lots of clutch kicks, this leads to the motor mounts being replaced immediately, I just made my own with a tube of polyurethane from home depot for 20$. Also the belt tensioner broke, and broke the stock fan, thats it, other than that this car is a dream. I drift it on the track once a week at DESOTO speedway. cooling is not a problem with this car, also I drive to my drift events currently, and drive home every time. please ask questions I want people to drift this car so everybody can see the potential...

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                      My 95 SC300

                      Here's a quick vid of me from an autocross/drift event before the paint job Car is bone stock under the hood, not even an intake (yet). 5 spd with welded diff.
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                        wrexus ftw!