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2005 Drift Showoff Colorado!!!!

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  • 2005 Drift Showoff Colorado!!!!

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to post the latest and greatest regarding the event. Thanks for your support!



    Fountain, CO – May 1, 2005 - The prestigious Falken Tire Pikes Peak International
    Hill Climb will play host to the 4th stop of the Falken Tire Drift Showoff event
    series Sunday, June 26th. For the second time in U.S. Motorsports history, Mainstream
    Productions Inc. will showcase the sport of drifting at one of the oldest motorsports
    events in the United States.

    “Drifting originated in the mountains of Japan and we are very excited
    about bringing the sport back to its original setting. Only this time, it’s
    here in the U.S. at Pikes Peak,” says Ken Miyoshi, President of Mainstream

    Over nine professional Falken Tire drivers will drift the paved section of the
    famed Pikes Peak Highway on June 25th in conjunction with the finals of the
    Hill Climb competition.

    This year the event promises to introduce a new rush of adrenalin
    with the unveiling of Falken Tire’s new drift vehicles including some
    but not all, an Infiniti G35, Ford Mustang GT, and Nissan S15.

    "Bringing the sport of drifting to the mountain roads of Pikes Peak was
    the next logical step in the evolution of this exciting new sport,” said
    Falken Tire Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Logistics Richard Smallwood.
    “It puts this most extreme form of motorsports on one of the most extreme
    roads on the planet. It is tantamount to bungee jumping from a helicopter at
    over 14,000 feet."

    On June 26th from 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. the Drift Showoff continues at Pikes
    Peak International Raceway with the professional drifting exhibition, clinic,
    and competition. Drivers from across the U.S. are planning to compete in this
    historic event. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event for 15 dollars,
    13 dollars with flyer, or 12 dollars at any local Independent Records.

    The Drift Showoff in conjunction with the Falken Tire Pikes Peak International
    Hill Climb is all part of the 3rd annual Pikes Peak SpeedWeek festivities created
    to promote motorsports in the Rocky Mountain region.

    Other events include a downtown July 1st Downtown Fan Festival
    which drew over 20,000 people in 2004, Extreme Red Bull Motorcycle Jumps, Corporate
    go-kart challenge, Jesse James’ Coors Motorcycle Display, among others,
    as well as the largest fireworks show in southern Colorado.

    The June 26th event features include:

    Drifting Exhibition

    All day drift exhibitions with top Japanese and US drifters from Team Falken.
    Witness side-by-side drifting action in this exciting display of speed, style,
    and car control sometimes over 100 mph!

    Drift Clinic & Competition

    Learn to drift from top Japanese Pros and U.S. instructors. Registrants
    will learn how to drift from professional instructors as they battle it out
    in a competition for cash and prizes.

    Motorcycle Stunt Riding Exhibition

    For the first time this year, we will be displaying the extreme sport
    of motorcycle stunt riding by local talent - DSF Riders. Witness the challenge
    as they ride on the brink of insanity in an endless frenzy to continuously one-up
    the competition. This arena consists of innovative tricks, long endos and yet
    another immense creative riding style.

    Showoff Car Show

    Import Showoff, the original Import car show, attracts the nation’s
    top high performance and show vehicles as well as special appearances by some
    of the world renowned tuners. Vendor Midways will adorn the venue displaying
    the latest in automotive trends.

    Vendor Midway and Entertainment Arena

    A live entertainment arena will feature the hottest local deejays spinning
    Hip-Hop, Jungle, and Top 40. This year, there will be autograph signings by
    Import Tuner cover model Mercedes Terrell and Falken Tire spokes model Joyce

    Additional information can be found by calling: 1-888-306-7223.

    This is an extremely rare occasion that
    an event so big would consider Colorado! Bring the entire family as kids 10
    and under are free with a paid admission!

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    Damn....You can't get much better than PPIHC and Drift Showoff. If only I lived in Colorado Springs


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      finally its back. been waiting a year for this. this is the only drift competition this whole year, its gonna be huge. but when is the pikes peak drifting gonna happen, did it say june 25th?


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        drift showoff is the 26th and i ended up helping promote!! so go to drift showoff even if it kills you!!!!

        hey biggslava, i didnt know you came here and you should go too!!! and tell everyone that you know, we need peeps to come!!!


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          i am competing this year, cant wait. and dont worry i told a alot of people to come, i mean a lot, its gonna be huge this year. im passin out flyers and stuff and a lot of people are very interested. im intalling my rear toe eliminators tomorow and im gettin my rear sway bar finally tomorow. making some sacrifices for last minute drift parts.


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            Bump....for a great event! I hope this thing sells out. It is the perfect place to hold an event. Team Falkens cars are dialed, should be an exciting exhibition.
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              the track is good for the pros, but sh!tty as all hell for the ams if they do it like they did last year...the line of ams started right at the entrance to the first corner, which was a high speed left hand sweeper...not so good for lightly modded ams. i wish i was driving this year, but it will be one more before i can get out there... my car will possibly be ready, but i cant afford tires and to pay the *Censored**Censored**Censored* *Censored**Censored**Censored* 128 dollar entrance fee...also i have like no drifting experience with the sr, so i wont be compettive. but i will still be there!!! i cant wait


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                See you there!!
                NM Drift Group & Modified Inc.


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                  havnt heard of you guys, you from colorado? and nice cars by the way


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                    Originally posted by biggslava
                    havnt heard of you guys, you from colorado? and nice cars by the way
                    We are from Albuquerque, NM.
                    We are not pros we are just "trying to make it", hence our unknown status.
                    We have some good people with us and having fun along the way.
                    The cars will be better after the FD event in Sonoma when Modified Inc puts new kits, paint and stickers.
                    We have done 2 D1 events, 1 Formula D Houston and Sunday at Pikes Peak.
                    In our home town we get to demo at our local track and practice.
                    There is some fun video on our website so check it out and come talk to us if you are out at this event or any others.


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                      it's kind of last minute but be sure to catch the time attack practice friday and the actual timed race sat. up the mountain to the picnic grounds and back.

                      here's the press release.

                      cheer for our homie Martti in the WRX trekkin' over there from Temecula, CA. who's down for a 20 hr. road trip. haha!


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                        Yep....the time attack is going to be sick. I was on the mountain this morning for the Open Class (rally) practice. What an amazing course, and to have the Falken Tire time attack there is sure to be ground breaking. I have heard from reliable sources that the field in all the time attack classes is very competitive and consists of very well prepared cars. I will be there for the friday practice for sure....hope to see some of you there this weekend!


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                          also if any of you from around there can get this post be like an hour, there will be a Team Falken Exhibition for free at FT Carson for the tropps, which would be sick to go to, but im stuck in *Censored**Censored**Censored* *Censored**Censored**Censored* wyoming!!!! hit me up at 719 338 5445 my names andy, i will be at the fan fare tomorrow night, let me know if you guys wanna chill.


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                            it was the tightest S$#t ever, the pros were tearing it up and so were the amateurs. it was my first time drifting on a track and it was all and more then i expected. congrats to all the winners, i try to post some pics soon


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                              Great event at PPIR.

                              Lots of usefull practice and the Falken guys were available to comment on your driving. THANKS

                              Tight was an understatement. that first apex was hard to get your nose up to.

                              The rest was fun,

                              The course was a slower version of Houston FD.

                              NM Drift Group driver Ben Reyes made top ten. Red Modified Inc 240